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MP Body Breakdown (revamp) by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
MP Body Breakdown (revamp)
(( You know how you draw something for the first time and you are SO PROUD of it
but then...
couple years later..
you look at it again...
and you aren' proud of it...or..not proud of it at all pfft..:iconlazypoolplz:
like "SHIT ME! I knew I was pretty b-bad before...BUT DAMN! I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS THIS B-BAD *sobs*!!" :iconemoluigiplz:
Well that's how I felt about my mp info sheets...ESPECIALLY THE FIRST ONE! GOOD GOD! ESPECIALLY....that one lol :iconlazycryplz:
BECAUSE LOOK GUYS! I mean....IT WAS PRETTY BAD! NOT EVEN GONNA LIE LOL! JUST SEE FOR YOURSELVES! <da:thumb id="323174906"> :iconmingcryplz:
And lazy as I am, shit, I'm usually like "Damn...that's pic looks like it needs a revamp...but ugnnnn...I already drew it once...*louder groaning* I DON'T WANNA DRAW IT AGAINNNNN...HGNNNNNN!! It's just gonna have to do as it is hgns.. :iconimdoneplz:"
But you know how you grow as an artist and you see old work like that and you get inspired like, you just believe in yourself that you can do a better job this time, (orinmycase,quitbeingfuckinglazyforoncelol), and you're just like "YEAH ME! COME ON! LET'S DO THIS!" 
So that's the reason why I decided to revamp some of the old (I'mnotgonnastretchyetandsayI'llredoallofthempfft) mp info pages~ Starting off with the first one I did, which was the breakdown of their bodies. (Althoughmyanatomystillisn'tthebest..gomen..butIstillthinkthisonelooksaWHOLElotbetterthanthelastonesoPFFT :iconmingcryplz: )
However, instead of just showing the organs I decided to incorporate all their body systems into one info page instead of splitting them up like last time. ; v ;

(I used a male body to explain things, but females aren't all that different and the parts that are different I'll explain in the description )

 Integumentary System/ Epidermis (Outer Body) 
-The main purpose of them creating the epidermis was to help their species create a more human like appearance. When the first prototype humanoid bodies were made, they were more robotic-looking and their appearance sometimes often frightened others, which was not always good. It was then decided that the next humanoid models that were created would include 'skin', so that they would have a cuter and friendlier-looking appearance, as skin seemed to give other humans/humanoids. 
-Appearance was not the only purpose of creating the epidermis. It was also made to protect and conceal the sensitive dermis that lay down below it. 
-Like everything else they're made up of, mp skin is artificial. It's made up of a silicone base that makes them feel soft and squishy like a humans. Unlike human skin though it doesn't dry out, perspire (because of lack of sweat glands), or wrinkle up all that much, which is why even older mps still look very youthful (and it's hard to guess their exact ages.)
-If the epidermis is peeled off/scratched off/etc. it can grow back as long as their is skin attached to the body somewhere. If all of it is completely removed, then medical attention is needed to reattach a new layer of epidermis. New skin is always a lighter color because the body has not recognized it yet and added it's attributes to it to give it's proper skin color. 
-Unlike human skin, where the growth of hair starts in the root of the dermis, mp hair (which is actually wires) grows on the epidermis and ONLY on the epidermis. 
-They don't have fingernails, just fingertips. 

/Things I have marked for the outer body/

Headphones/Volume Control- Headphones are equipped on a mp's first birthday, known as their 'activation day', and when attached it hooks up to the brain and activates them. Their headphones act as their ears and their volume control. When their right headphone is turned down it turns their volume (both voice and music volume) down, and when the left one is turned down it shuts off their hearing (you know, in case they don't feel like listening to someone or if they don't want their kids to hear them cuss or something pfft )
USB cords- These cords are used for various things around the kingdom to download certain things at certain stores. Even download information from each ohter. Music, ofcourse, is one of the biggest things they use their cords to download things. They can also be used in signs of affections, such as wrapping them around someone like a hug, or caressing it against a thigh (if in a relationship and they're trying to be flirty or throw signals to a partner..cords with people in relationship tend to get used in kinky ways a lot pfft...U v U; ). They're also used to charge a mp or they can use it to charge a fellow mp. Mothers also use their cords to pick up or be affectionate with their babies or use them to give them a shock, which is also a sign of affection and charges them up as well.
Play button- It does what every other play button does on any media player pfft. However, if pressed while a mp is talking, it can pause their speech and make them stop talking, until they press it again. (However, it usually makes them angry when that's yeah..pfft)
Directional buttons- They work how any directional buttons on a media player does pfft
Slot- The slot is a flap/door that closes up a girl's outlet and stops a boy's plug from pushing it's way out from "excitement", when it's not needed. (I'll explain this more in the outlet/plug part pft)

Integumentary/ Dermis 

-Below the epidermis lies the dermis. It is a lighter color than the epidermis, where the mp's nerves lie. 
-Whenever the epidermis is touched, the nerves below in the dermis feel it, quickly sends it to the brain, and quickly decides on if the feeling is one of pleasure or pain, which it then decides a proper reaction to.
-Is not as thick and fleshy as the epidermis (it's quite thin) and it is easier to peel off too. (It's actually so thin that you can basically see the base under it )
-An exposed dermis that doesn't have it's epidermis to protect it makes the mp much more vulnerable to pain (such as getting punched hard or it being hit with something). Even just hugging them in that state would probably cause them a lot of pain, because it's that sensitive and it needs the cushion fat of the epidermis to soften the impacts it receives.
-The nerves in their dermis light up and illuminate the epidermis up above (giving them their skin color),but if too many hard blows are taken...then the nerves can possibly blow out and shortage (meaning you can literally, 'knock their lights out')..and when it is blown out it cannot light up anymore, so in a result the shortage area appears as a 'bruise' they are able to bruise pfft. However, their bodies will eventually fix the busted nerves and they will illuminate the area once again, making it look like normal once more.
-One good thing about nerve shortage though is that if the nerves are shot, then they can't feel pain in that area until the the nerves are fixed.
-Although their dermis is the reason why they can feel pain, it also the reason why they can feel pleasure too. The sense of touch is one of the major senses in the kingdom because touching is saw as a form of affection.
-If touched enough by someone over and over again, their brain starts to remember and recognize certain people according to how they feel when (whoever it might be pfft) the familiar fingertips excite the nerves on the skin.

Base/ Skeleton

-Under the epidermis and the dermis you can find the base of the mp. They call it a base, but it's practically their skeleton.
-Although the epidermis and the dermis are penetrable, the base is another story. Things like knives, swords, etc. like that can go through those two things, but they can't go through the base because it's too strong for weapons like that to pierce through, so trying to kill one by stabbing it won't work (because if you can't get through the base, you can't get to the heart). If anything, trying to stab one would just make it irritable and most likely hostile. VERYlikelypfft.
-Also human punches and stuff are like..."little punches" to them (unless it's like someone REALLY STRONG, like a giant or "The Barn" or things like that, now that's a different story pfft)..they hurt, but not that much to really get upset over..but if someone were to hit their base with something "heavy and metallic", that would hurt and depending on what kind of metal it is, it might even be able to dent the base up (which they can get buffed out later if that were ever to occur.
-The lights under the eyes on the base model are their "blush lights". So when they feel a feel that makes them blush, those lights light up, and it appears as a blush on their skin. U//v//U
-If there is no skin on the base, then the mp can feel no pain, or any sensation really. Reason being is that all nerves are on the dermis (which sticks to the base) and when those nerves are removed..well then the brain has nothing to pick up on and therefore cannot register any sensations of "touch".
-The only parts that still have nerve endings and can feel sensations still are what they call their "soft parts", which are made out of the same squishy silicone base that the epidermis is made out of. Soft parts on a male are his nipples, butt, and genitalia. Soft parts on a female are her breasts/nipples, butt, and genitalia.

Circuit System

-The circuit system is basically like the human circulatory system, but instead of circulating blood through the body it circulates electricity to keep the body going.
-The circuit system is the most complicated system in the mp's body and takes a newborn  mp a whole year to set it up right, which is why they are enclosed in a birth capsule for their first year of life and are then activated, because by the time they come out of the mother their body is still working on itself because it's such a complicated process.
-Infants who do not develop a proper circuit system can have varies problems later on once activated, so it's good for parents to make sure their baby doesn't stress out too much during this period.
-Cutting circuits/any kind of damage to the circuits really can cause both pain and internal problems, which is why the base is made out of such a hard material so that it can protect the mp's sensitive and crucial insides.

MP Organs

Brain-It works just like every brain really pfft. It's the control center..and that's all there really is to say about it pfft.
Steel strips- MPs cannot eat normal food like other humanoids, but thanks to the steel strips that are their teeth, they can eat through other various metals that their body can convert into energy. However the more their teeth are used, the duller they get, so they have to sharpen them with their speical "toothbrush" to keep them sharp and healthy. Although....most mps don't like eating/biting into most rarely ever use their teeth. 
Vocal Speaker-Basically their vocal cords pfft
Life Battery a.k.a. Heart - The life battery is what keeps them ticking and going. As long as electricity is being flowed through it then they're good, but if it gets low then they start having bad chest pains...and when there is no electricity flowing anymore..they shut down..for good.
Unlike human heart's it doesn't 'pump' and you can't feel it, but instead it makes a buzzing/humming feel and sound, like a computer I guess you could say. It's vulnerable and squishy like a human heart, so if stabbed it would most likely cause them to die.
This battery is also what keeps the mp warm~ 
Storage Battery- The storage battery stores all the electricity/energy that a mp has charged up and distributes it out to the other two main batteries. 
Defense Battery- The defense battery is, well it's basically their defensive mechanism. When they get upset or feel threatened, they wrap their cords that come out of their headphones around whatever is bothering them and deliver a shock (or electrocute, it just kind of depends on how scared or mad they are) to it. The downside to that is they lose power if they use too much electricity doing that because all their batteries are connected and stuff, so if they're kinda low on power they won't shock anything.
Love Button- When the prototype humanoid mps were first being made there was a bit of a problem. They wouldn't reproduce. Sexual attraction and desire wasn't something originally programmed into them because their human creator had designed them to be companions, not "lovers" (They were like..almost as bad as pandas in a zoo ya'll pfft..). Soooo..with them not having an interest to do so, a solution had to made because the team behind them needed to test and make sure that their 'made reproductive organs' were working and that it was possible for them to make their own children on their own. This is what made the creation of and installment of the love button. It is a small heart shaped button that's wiring is connected to one of the mp's directional buttons, so when whichever button is stroked for a certain amount of time (depends on the mp/ depends if they're a virgin or not) it sets off a signal to the brain that has the same effect as someone taking an aphrodisiac. In short, it was made to make them feel sexual desire, since they lacked it at first, and put them in the mood, so they would be able to reproduce. However, nowadays the button isn't really all that needed to trigger them, since they're pretty much like they're mammal brethren in that department now ugh U v U;
Plug(Male)/Outlet(Female): Mps have genitals like everyone else, but they also have a second set located slightly above their other that is used for "safe intercourse" because they can't have babies that way. Females have outlets, while males have plugs. There's not much to say about female outlets, because they're just outlets pfft, but male plugs are a bit different than their 'other plug' though. Male plugs are prehensile and stay coiled up inside the slot unless the slot is moved and it uncoils itself then upon feeling that it's free or if it's excited it'll try to push itself out of the slot and get free. 
Plug and outlet intercourse are ONLY done with other mps or other robotic species, because it's dangerous to do so with humans because both the plug and the outlet give off a huge spark of electricity at the end of it and who would want to get electrocuted there right? Uhh *shivers at thought* However, they enjoy getting shocked so it's like a 'blast' to them, would be a nightmare for anybody's only used to have safe intercourse between their specie pfft 
WHO IS DIS?!?! by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( Who is dis chick trying to look all kewa kawaii and SHIT?!
AND TRYING TO LOOK LIKE MY BABY TOO?! :iconimseriousplz:
O-oh wait.
That is my baby....looking all kawaii...and shit....:iconzoomoutplz:
disapointed sigh*
MP3it'snotyourjobtobecute,'retheeccentricone...omghowmanytimesdoIhavetotellyouthat...GEEZ! :iconlazypoolplz:

but anyway,
I haven't drawn MP3 in awhile, like not even at school pfft, but I just had like this urge to draw her in her lil' cooking outfit (although lord knows she NEVER needs to do any cooking lol) for some odd reason
so I doodled that out and..
I hardly ever think she looks cute in like really girly stuff, like a bunch of frills and stuff like that.....because idk tis not really her style pfft :iconimsotiredplz:
 :iconlazycryrollplz: ))
Octafox Adoptables by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
Octafox Adoptables
(( Don'tlistentoundertheseaandthenwhatdoesthefoxsay..weird..weirdshithappenswhenyoudopfft :iconpapcryplz:
But it's been awhile since I've made any pet adoptables and I thought these lil' guys were pretty cute, so I figured I would make some as adoptables pfft ; v ;

These lil' babies are Octafoxes, underwater kitsune that have an octopus like appearance as well.

Species Info:
- Wild Octafoxes live in the ocean, but they tend to come up on the shore to try and find a landlubber to adopt them, or at least feed them. Reason being is that they are SUPER lazy and instead of hunting for food they would much rather just mimic cute actions and sounds they've seen and heard land pets on the beach do, so that landlubbers will feed them like they do them.
-They don't have fur, but instead just little slimy covered bods like octopus.
-They have six tentacles for tails, and two for ears (although they just resemble ears and people assume them to be so, so it's just called their "ears" pfft. They're real ears aren't visualable. ). Their tentacles are pretty strong and easily can hold and squeeze their prey to death, or when concerning prey with shells, just pry them open with ease with them. 
-Their usual diet consists of crustaceans, mollusk, and fish, but their fave food is usually starfish. It's unlikely for them to usually go after bigger prey because bigger prey means 'more work', and they're lazy so...they don't wanna put in any more effort than what they have to pfft. However, that doesn't mean they CAN'T take down bigger prey.
-They have camofluge ability, so they're really good hiders pfft.
-They have two mouths. The one that is located on their stomachs is the one they use to eat with because that is the one that has teeth. The mouth that is on the face doesn't and is mostly just used to spit out a black ink substance at predators or throwing a tantrum with a owner (with domesicated ones).
-They can live out of water, but just for short periods of 3-4 hours. Then they have to go back into the water or get sprayed down with water, but mostly they need to get back in it. 
-Their tentacles tend to retract down to a smaller size when they're fully relaxed or going to sleep.
-When they want to be affectionate with others, they wrap their tentacles around them. They don't squeeze or anything. They just kind of wrap them around their and let them limp their lazily pfft. 
-They never really sleep. They just kind of take long naps althroughout the guess you can say they don't since they pretty much sleep on and off the whole day pfft..

But anyway, that's all of the main info for them ; v ;

Price: 80 points each

1. Male ( CLOSED :iconroseandherthorns: )
2. Male (CLOSED :iconaskthewerewolfprince: )
3. Female (open)
4. Female ( CLOSED :iconkinkajuice:
5. Male (CLOSED :iconask-poison-princess: )
6. Female (CLOSED :iconicetiara:) ))
Carrot Girl Adoptable (CLOSED) by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
Carrot Girl Adoptable (CLOSED)
(( Just a random design of a lil' carrot girl I had laying around
so eh
now she's an adoptable pfft :iconimsotiredplz:

Price: SOLD :iconcinnamondelight:
-You can't use my baby, if you don't buy my baby! >:I
-Don't send me points until I say it's okay~ ; 7 ;
-If you buy her and there is something you don't like about the clothes or something, you are allowed to make some changes to it.
-Credit me for the character m'kay? ; ) (But you don't have to credit me each time you draw her~ just once please~ lol ; v ; )
-And if you buy her LOTSSSSSS and be a good new Mama/Papa for her.....okay? :iconukraineplz: Heart ))
Sweet Pastery Girls Adoptables by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
Sweet Pastery Girls Adoptables
(( Iseldomlyputtwoseparteadoptsthataren'tsupposedtobetogether,together
so :iconimsotiredplz:

But hgns

Chick on the left is a sprinkle doughnut girl (and her hair is like the lil' donut holes )
Chick on the right is a cinnamon roll girl

#I'msofatLOL,butIdon'tcarecuzfood'ssogoodpfft :iconmingcryplz:

Doughnut girl price: 125 points
Cinnamon roll girl price: 125 points

-You can't use my baby, if you don't buy my baby! >:I
-Don't send me points until I say it's okay~ ; 7 ;
-If you buy her and there is something you don't like about the clothes or something, you are allowed to make some changes to it.
-Credit me for the character m'kay? ; ) (But you don't have to credit me each time you draw her~ just once please~ lol ; v ; )
-And if you buy her LOTSSSSSS and be a good new Mama/Papa for her.....okay? :iconukraineplz: Heart ))
(( You know what I'm gonna be for Halloween?
A zombie. :iconwtfaruplz:
Because school has already made me into one, so I wouldn't even have to try to dress up pfft :iconimsotiredplz:
I'm already in character for it pfft :iconimsotiredcryplz:

Oh man, but anyway.
Aside from being busy with school, I don't know how many read that last journal with my schedule on it pfft, but in it I stated that sometimes I have to take unexpected hiatuses that even I don't know I'll have to take. Well one of those occasions popped up and then mixed with all this school crap is the reason why I've been so inactive. 

Like it's usually just lasts for mostly a week, but it's been like...what? Two weeks, almost going on three?
Which thank you deviantART for showing me my lack of activity and letting me know that..with this new...activity feed thing...WHAT IS THIS LOL?!
WHAT IS THIS NEW LAYOUT?? :iconomgcryplz:
"Share a Status Update with your watchers!"
WHAT? :iconmingplz:
WHAT?! :iconmingcryplz:
*coughareweturningintofacebookhere?WHAT?!cough* :iconpapmingplz:
thisiswhyyoucan'tleaveDAforlongperiodsoftimes..becauseyoualwaysmisssomethingwhenyoudohgns :iconpapcryplz:

Idk's not too bad..I guess I can get use to it in time, it's just weird to come back seeing something that's....NOT WHAT YOU LEFT SEEING AND HAVE SEEN FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS PFFT. :iconimsotiredplz:

Anyway, sorry to peeps who have been waiting from replies and stuff from me (andI'msorryforhavingtomakeyouwaithgns :iconemoluigiplz:) ...I'll try to get to some of those after I get from school
because...I'm still here..
I'm always here ah...:iconlazycryplz:
I might as well live here really lol...:iconlazypoolplz:
Just like
Make a bed out of the desk and use my backpack as a pillow or something pfft :iconimsotiredcryplz:

But I plan to be a little more active since it's getting close to the end of the semester and things are starting to calm down~ and I'm getting a break next month too~
*SO READY FOR IT!!!* :iconholdfeelsplz:
*goesofftopostthingsbeforemoregrossschoolstuff* :iconlazycryrollplz: ))
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