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January 19, 2013
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A question about babies? LEAVE IT TO NURSE NOLA!! by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd A question about babies? LEAVE IT TO NURSE NOLA!! by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
Nola: If you have any other questions about our lil' babies here in the Music Kingdom you just let me know kay~? :iconhappytearplz:

(( Got to use Nola again! WOOT! I LOVE USING NOLA! :iconsuperw00tplz: :heart:

Pfft the words are small and like all over the place, so I tried to put numbers by them lol..but like here's what she's saying in order and stuff if you can't see it orwantaneasierwaytoreaditlol ; v ;

Nola: Oh that's no problem! MP mothers and babies have very STRONG bonds with one another, so even if someone switches babies around a mother will be able to tell that said baby isn't hers. That goes the same for the baby as well.

You see, once a mother gives birth to her baby~ and we hand her baby to her~ mother and child both instantly start to register each other as such! After that it's pretty much impossible for her to forget hee hee. As for the baby, it's only somewhat conscious, so it doesn't really register all the way that "this is mom", but it does know her touch and recognizes her by that~

Some people say that women go into "Mama Mode" when they have babies, but for MPs that is literal. There is a section in the mother's brain that was shut down when she was a child, but once she becomes a mother herself it powers up again. We nurses kind of refer to it as a "built in baby monitor" because said section of the brain helps the mother monitor her baby's condition. If the baby needs charging, if it's anxiety levels are up, or if it just wants it mother, the mother will know because that section of the baby's brain will send signals to the mother telling her that something is wrong.

MP mothers don't produce milk, but its fine because MP babies don't need milk hee hee. They feed on electricity, but since their cords don't fall out till about 5-8 they have to rely on mommy for that. This is why female MPs are able to store more electricity than males do because they have to not only supply for themselves, but for their babies too.
But~ when a baby gets old enough to charge itself and has got a little shocking practice in, the "baby monitor" will shut down. It kind of to say "Okay your a big kid now and you can pretty much hold your own, so you don't need Mama as much anymore okay?". The same thing also happens to the mother. Her "baby monitor" once again shuts down~ well~ until her next baby if she choses to have another hee hee.
Also! If the baby is a girl, then hers will light up again once she's a mom, but if it's a boy then it will not power up anymore.

Most mothers feel bittersweet about it going off because they love the fact that their lil' baby is growing up, but it kind of saddens them to know that they aren't as connected anymore~ I kind of feel that way about it too~ ; v ; ))
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[[this Is like the cutest thing ever! :iconsocuteplz:]]
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(( It's cuz it has babies in it~
Babies make everything like 20% sweeter lol ; v ; ))
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