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July 5, 2013
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Ask Valentino Boutique by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Ask Valentino Boutique by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
Valentino: *fiddles with fingers* Oh m-my...if it is n-n-not too much trouble f-for you all..I-I-I..well...I would like to u-um...*gets quiet* g-get to know y-you all and maybe a-answer some q-questions....*shakes hands frantically and blushes* OH! BUT O-ONLY IF IT'S N-N-NO TROUBLE TO Y-YOU ALL! *gets quiet again* because I would r-really hate to b-be a bother to anyone....:iconcrazyblushplz:

(( Look.
Back~ :heart::iconimsotiredplz:
And being moved to this account~ ; v ;
Pfft, but for most of you *coughprobablylike90%pfftcough* are probably like "Who's back?"...because it's been a really long time since I've drawn him because I started being inactive on his account pfft :iconimsotiredplz:
BUT! That's just because I've been deciding on what I wanted to do about him....
PFFFFFFTTT!! I could go into the reason why I kind of lost interest in his account, but you guys don't hear that, cuz it's boring lol~ so I'll skip it pfft, and just get to what I wanna say about him xD
Pfft, so anyway, I've been debating about what I wanna do with him for like months now...and I've come to the conclusion that the best thing to do for him.
Is to give him a clean slate.
Which there isn't much to clean off because he's not really somebody I usually RPed with anyway(because I was usually more active on this one pfft U v U; ) , so he didn't have many friends or anything....cuz most of the ones he did have left like a long time ago...but for the few people who are still here and were his friends. Then he no longer knows you because of the clean slate and all, BUT you can just talk to him, get reacquainted, and become friends all over again pfft~ ; v ;

Soooooooo~ reboot pfft ; v ;))

Name: Valentino Alfonzo Boutique
Species: Ball-jointed mannequin
Age: 18 (*sobs* Ohgoshit'sstillsohardformetobelievethathimandMP3arelittleadultpeoplenowomg TT v TT )
Job: Prince of the Mannequin Kingdom/ Fashion Designer (but also does a little cosmetology as well)
Orientation: Thinks he likes girls, but is too scared of them to really know pfft
Birthday: Feb.14
Likes: Sewing, soap operas, mopeds, guns, designing, his Mama, making his Mama and grandmas proud of him,his pet mink, Odette, and sweets, ESPECIALLY ICE CREAM :heart:
Dislikes: Being bullied, being yelled at, disappointing people, especially those most important to him, violence, his limbs being taken off his other people, fire, and crying....but does it all the time pfft
Some info about him:
-Because the royal doctor had declared him a girl, all throughout his mother's pregnancy she prepared for a girl~ clothes, his room, the whole girly works~ and was supposed to be named "Valentina", but when he was born and they saw he was in fact a boy, they simply changed the "a" to an "o".
-Although his name was an easy fix, it is tradition in their kingdom for the royal to design and make the new royal's clothes (which is what she works on all throughout her pregnancy) to last throughout it's whole infancy..and since tradition is very important to them and something they are serious about not breaking....well....let's just say that there are a LOT of baby pictures of him in some ahem.."unmanly baby clothes" pfft U v U;
-Never met his grandmother (because she's decease), but has quite a handful of great grandmothers left. (Who each specializes in their own genre of fashion )
-Went under his Great (x9) grandmother, Donatella's wing, at the age of five to start learning how to design and sew clothes (because it's another tradition in their kingdom for the oldest royal to teach the youngest one). However, he wasn't progressing as fast as she wanted him too, so she gave him a rough time....most of the time...and would just kind of push him hard....and usually yell...which is why he doesn't do too well with yelling now pfft. (She's got his nerves all messed up pfft) U v U;
-HUGE MAMA'S BOY. His mother has always been his security blanket and a comforting shoulder to cry on when his grandmothers or other people give him a hard time, so he is extremely attached to her and she is extremely attached to him.
-He's his mother's pride and she constantly dotes to others how wonderful he is~
-However, she CAN'T STAND the thought of some GIRL getting her hands on her precious baby.....and then her husband also scared her up with his talk of a "charismatic gene" that all men in his family inherit that makes them so attractive to women (he was just joking with her though pfft) , so she has this bad image that he was gonna grow up to be a no-good womanizer like his dad used to she came up with a plan to keep him away from girls~ cooties~ When he was 4 she told him that, cooties well hurt him and KILL him, so he shouldn't let girls get "too close" or kiss him....or he would get cooties....and he'll die......and even at 18, he still believes this pfft U v U;
-Valentino is already shy of people in general, but he's HORRIBLY shy of girls, thanks to his mother installing his fear of " girly death cooties" pfft.
-S-s-stutters. Like a l-lot.
-He's a designer~ but not a very confident one.....because of his Grandmother Donatella's critiques on his work. sohebelieveshe'snotthatgood ; v ;
-Owns another shop, but his manager is more of the boss than he is because the employees don't listen to the manger has to step in pfft TT v TT
-Although he's horrible at fist fights, he's quite skilled with a gun~ and owns 3.
-His father was the one who taught him how to use a gun because he was "quite the shooter" in his younger days~ and wanted to pass some of his skills unto his son (although his mother has no idea about their little father and son pass time pfft > v >)
-Although his mother's side is royalty, his father's side is a kind of royalty of it's own too, but it's more of "illegal royalty" pfft. > v > Because of that though, Valentino doesn't know anything about his father's side of the family because his mother and father decided that it would be best to keep him in the dark about them.....
-Is an only child, but sees one of his maids and one of his models as his little sisters, although his maid is older than him (but she looks younger pfft).
-Usually carries the purse he has on in the picture, whoops, I mean satchel pfft, which he usually fills with small sewing supplies and a folded up paper bag for when he has panic attacks. This satchel was actually the first thing he actually sewed together with his mom, so it's kind of special to him pfft ; v ;
-Limbs are removable, which he hates because people are always taking 'em and hiding 'em...or abusing 'em in some way pfft ; v ;
-Rarely gets mad and yells, but when he does he starts it kind of makes him look like a punk pfft ; v ;
-Is a good listener and likes to give good advice or words of encouragement when he can
-Very polite and doesn't like to be a bother to anyone
-Is Italian and can speak Italian

And questions and rps are open for him~ :heart: ; v ; ))
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Fictional-Roulette Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
Oh gosh, hes so cute! I really like his personality and his design.
This is actually embarrassing.  My Oc, toy princess, is a ball-jointed doll whos also into fashion. ;;
But yeah. Maybe its would make a nice conversation starter. I'm sorry tho. I really didnt know someone else had the idea first. )
Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
(( Oh geebies! THANK YOU! Q v Q :heart:
And alkdjfkldjf I don't see anything to be embarrassed about~ and I think it would totes make a nice conversation starter for them~ *pap* ; v ;
They can talk fashion~ you know how dem fashionistas LOVE to discuss fashion with other fashionistas pfft :icondivaplz: ))
Fictional-Roulette Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
;w ; O-oh thank you so much for you understanding!
And then they talk and it results in a fashion line called 'Cover Doll' xD
Or somethings like that. Idl. I'll be very sweet xD l o l }}
Ask-Coffee-Princess Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
Caffine: Oh, Mr. Valentino! I-I was wondering, since Autumn is f-fast approaching, maybe you would like to go and get some p-p-pumpkins with me? ovo
DaughterofZeus-man Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ask-Kit-The-Pirate Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
-dies of the cute- Oh man oh man hes so adorable its like...melting my brain. Ahhh Can I rP with him and just smother him in love?
bright-music Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
Omg, this boy is too precious, ugh. :iconpapcryplz: :heart:
Would it be okay if I started an rp? It seems like you have quite a few already, pft. ))
Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
(( Oh yeah it's totes fine! I would love to~ ; v ;
I'm trying to get better at it anyway, so I need the practice~ the more the better lol xD ))
Ask-Coffee-Princess Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
Caffine: *walking around the boutique kingdom, looking for valentine's shop and mumbling to herself* O-Oh gosh... I'm so nervous about meeting this p-prince... He's probably r-really sophisticated and f-fashionable and I... *she looks down at her outfit, a t-shirt and some torn up old shorts and frowns* I-I don't want to be d-disrespectful, clothes seem to be a b-big d-d-deal here... *aaand before she knows it, she's at the shop doors! she reaches to open it, but shies away* I-I'll just go home and c-change and c-come back another t-t-time... Or maybe... N-never again... *but the doors open and-!*
((Long thing is long, sorry.))
Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013
(( :iconmanlytearsplz: :heart: ))
Valentino: *He had been sitting inside the shop, for that's where he was instructed to sit and wait on the Princess of the Coffee Kingdom to arrive, but oh gosh...did it HAVE to be a princess...he had nothing against girls, for he had to work with some numerous times...but he was just always such a wreck around them that he probably seemed foolish to them...and he just didn't wanna embarrass himself yet again...He looked at the clock that was ticking away closer and closer to the designated time of their meeting and was starting to keep more nervous by the second* "I-I still have some t-time left before s-she comes...*he said while getting up from his chair and walking to the door* M-maybe I should j-just s-step outside for a s-second and get some a-air to calm me d-down...*He opened the door and stepped out, giving a small sigh of relief, until...he noticed someone standing by it* "O-oh hello M-Miss. May I help y-you?" ' o '
(( Oh no! It was perfect~ it really helped me be able to jump into it~ ; v ; ))
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