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September 3, 2012
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CE for Card Peeps: Solitaire Alucard by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd CE for Card Peeps: Solitaire Alucard by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( I'm not really a contest person~ U 3 U
And I don't really do them~ - 3 -
But this one~ Ohohohoho~ This one tickled my fancy~ (god I talk like an old person lol) And I just could not do it hee hee~ Cuz I love cards~ ESPECIALLY SOLITAIRE~ hee hee~ :heart: :iconohoho-plz:

Sooooo~~ That's why I decided to name my lil' card person here, Solitaire~ (cuz it's my favorite card game lol) :heart: U u U

Some stuff about her~ U 3 U
Name: Solitaire Alucard, but is called "Daddy's Lil' Ace" by her father
Age: She is fourteen~ going on fifteen~ U 7 U
Family: She only has her deadbeat dad (but he's real nice though...he just doesn't have a job and gambles all the time....and loses ; u ; ) left, because her mom walked out on both of them when she was 9 because she was tired of their lifestyle. It was a real BIG problem for them when she left because she was the only stable income that was coming into the house, and after she left they kinda became homeless.

Other Info: Solitaire makes a living by hustling suckers out of their money by challenging them to games of poker. She misleads players by starting off playing sloppy and dropping some of her cards face down for them to see her hand, you know, basically trying to make it look like she's not very good........but she's actually not to shabby~ After her opponent thinks they're going to win and raises the prize up, that's when she starts playing serious. Sometimes she even pulls cards from her dress when she feels like she needs an advantage (cuz she's a cheater lol), so she's usually victorious lol. And after winning she always acts surprised and usually says, "Oh! Did I win? Oh wow! I did, didn't I?! Now pay up~" :iconcutiesmileplz:
I would like to say that she does this so that she can provide for her and her father,but it would be a lie. She takes care of him alright, but not without rubbing it in his face that how she's the only reason they have a 'somewhat roof over their head', and how pathetic he is that he can't take care of his only daughter and she is the one who has to take care of him. Despite how mean she is to him the majority of the time, her father still loves her dearly and tells her daily "Daddy's so proud of his Lil' Ace and I'm so thankful for you" :heart: ; 7 ; (But Solitaire doesn't give a shit about what he says, because Solitaire is secertly a honey badger :iconhoneybadgerplz: )
Oh! And her dress, shoes, and gloves are made out of cards~ (and she hides other cards behind those and pulls them out when she needs to cheat lol U u U ). ))
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Ask-Yoid Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
((I hope you win gurl!! And this is cute. That is all. lol))
Ask-Coffee-Princess Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
TheGreatWarrior Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student General Artist
((Well, I guess I'll be having some competition in the contest. Best of luck to you.))
Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
(( And good luck to you as well my friend! :iconimseriousplz: ))
TheGreatWarrior Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Student General Artist
((Thanks, I do hope Captain Jack and his manly swag help me win.))
MissPomp Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012
((omg this design is so cute! and her name! I see what you did there totally creative >U<))
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