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March 25, 2013
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Custom Adoptable.Chipowdas by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Custom Adoptable.Chipowdas by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( Custom adoptable for :iconask-mr-sassy:
Pfft okay well this is kind of my first time doing a custom adoptable, so I’m kind of nervous…but she said she wanted small, blue, soft with cute eyes, so I tried to put all that in this lil’ guy…so hopefully I didn’t disappoint pfft…:iconawwshucksplz:
But like here’s the info for his species and stuff too ; v ;

Species: Chipowdas

-Chipowdas LOVE powder (Imeanwhowouldhaveguessedpfft>v>), ESPECIALLY baby powder. They take powder baths in it (like how chinchillas take dust baths pfft) to keep their coat looking FABULOUSSSS~ and at its best.

-Their fluff feels like powder pads (like the ones used for make-up)(Oh! And their ears feel and are shaped like them too ; v ; ) and when they tuck their head back in their fluff and only their tail sticks out, they actually kind of look like one. Some of the people who own them actually do like to use them to powder their face with and the Chipowda doesn’t mind it at all because they like getting powdered~ so it’s a win-win pfft. – v –

-When they go to sleep they like to tuck their head and legs in, stick their butts in the air, and fall asleep in their bed, which is a usually a small tin filled with baby powder. (Cuz they don’t really need a big bed or anything and small tin containers are the perfect size for them, but it does have to be deep enough to put powder in).

-They eat anything sweet and they’ll bite you if you give them anything other than that… > 3 >
Although they do like to eat cotton though. ‘ 0 ‘

-They don’t have “chi” in their name for nuthin’~ Pfft, but Chipowdas emitted special perfumes that are suppose to effect a person’s chi depending on what mood it’s in, which were named “chifumes”.

1.Mellow (Yellow *pfft*)- When a chipowda is calm and collected it will turn yellow and emit a soothing yellow chifume that is suppose to calm and relax people. If too much of it is taken in (like for a couple of hours though pfft) though it can cause drowsiness.

2.Happy/Love (Pink)- When it’s really happy or loving something/someone, it will turn pink and emit a pink chifume that looks like it’s puffing out lil’ hearts. This chifume is a bubbly, sweet scent that makes other people really happy and bubbly as well~ Chipowdas also use this chifume to attract their mates and it’s also a rumor that if you get a chipowda to spray this type of chifume on you then people will be more attracted to you ( like not in a sexual attractive way, more like a “person that everyone admires” attractive). Although~ that’s just a rumor pfft. *coughiftoomuchofthisistakenin,thenpeoplestartwonderingwhat’swrongwithyoubecauseyou’reovertheresmilingandlaughingliketheJokerpfft>v>*

3. Sad (Blue)- When it’s sad and depressed, it will turn dark blue and emit a blue chifume…..this chifume makes people and sad and they don’t even know why….they just start feeling horrible and depressed like the chipowda too….and it even makes people cry too…. TT A TT

4.Anger(Red)- When it’s pissed it will turn red and emit a red chifume that works…a lil’ bit different than the others. This chifume has a VERY strong smell to it and even though it doesn’t smell “bad”…the scent is SOOOOO strong (you guys know how bad strong perfume is… it’s choking you….XP ) that it starts driving people crazy and they go mad from it. Now it’s not a permant state of mad it’s more of a “I can’t take this anymore, I’m going crazy” kind of spur of the moment mad…and it causes people to turn violent and even attack other people. This chifume also spreads more and faster than the other ones, and as long as the chipowda is mad it will continue to keep up the chaos with it’s chifume..because if it’s not happy….NO ONE ELSE IS GONNA BE HAPPY!! But when calmed down it will quickly begin to fix things by emitting it’s yellow chifume again~ U 3 U

And that’s pretty much it for this species~
I hope you like it~ :heart: ; v ; ))
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iNsAnItY-Wolf-Cry Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
omg its so cute <3
(( Thank you ; v ; :heart: ))
Octocutie Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
(( Oh geez...yeah I know about it :icondoublefacepalmplz:
But thank you still for sending me a link to it~ ; v ;
I've talked to her about this on notes....and she was just

But I notice a pattern with this chick...and I doubt she'll even go back to that account...
because she has a NEW account that she's doing the same thing on.... :iconmingcryplz:
Cheryle The Elf by Ask-CheryleTheElf
Second Generation: Tess by Samicakes
Octocutie Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
she told Ouin that you andher where making a revamp on them
i don't her orhercoworthatcow'sshoes

(( Ughs yeah I did 'originally' tell her I would help her in a note I sent. I was trying to be nice about it and was like "You don't have to steal my species and stuff, I'll help you make your own design if you need help. All you had to do was ask. You can even use the same name if you want and we'll just work on fixing the design. Like a revamp for these for they won't be a copy and paste of mine and stuff." ; v ;
But then she was so WHOA in her reply back to me about it and wouldn't even own up to what she did and was rude to the other people who told me about it, so it was like hahahaha nvm helping you now :iconimsotiredcryplz: ))

BrownSugarOwl Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
(Oh my god they are so cute and I love the yellow one he's so chill and sdhdsyubfrffjiiyfchiufdtyggfcgjhg I would ask for a custom but I'm broke on points Dl)
AskPrinceAnarchy Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
(Stop making cute things my heart can only take so much, luckily I am a man though. So makeup fluff balls of ultra cute don't aff- I can't lie they so ADORBZ)
(( *paps* Only a real man would give in too my friend....are SUPAH manly...:iconpappapplz: :iconmanlytearsplz: :heart: ))
AskPrinceAnarchy Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
(:iconhonkplz: true supah manly man)
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