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August 17, 2013
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Estelle Diamond by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Estelle Diamond by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( *spankshand*Itoldmyselfnomorecharacterdesigns,unlessthey'readoptablesandit'slikeBritneySpears,OOPSIDIDITAGAIN! :iconcryforeverplz:

But anyway, I had across this jazz player named Charles Mingus and he was singing, I guess you can say, how he felt about the song "Shortnin' Bread"
And at the end he had said "African diamond mines"
And I was like "African diamond mines? Ohoho Inspiration I have found thy lol :iconimsotiredplz:"
And Estelle was born pfft :iconpapcryplz:
Plus, I've been kind of on this gem and crystal girl spree lately anyway pfft :iconimsotiredplz:

Some info on her:
-She's the Princess of the Mine Kingdom.
-20 years old
-Started life out as what she considered an "ugly duckling".
-All citizens in the Mine Kingdom don't start out very attractive, but Estelle was saw as EXTREMELY unattractive as a child, well even as a baby. She pretty much looked like a large ,distorted lump of walking mountain pfft.
-Because of her distortions, she was very reluctant to leave outside her castle for fear of how she thought people would view and treat her. She especially didn't wanna meet with other royals her age when her parents would try to set up play dates for her with them and would throw a hissy whenever plans for one was mentioned.
-Her fear of that was caused by one young royal who did not know she was the "supposed playmate" and when meeting her without knowing that started to cry from the fear of thinking a "monster" was going to kill her. "Monster" That word stuck with her...and she took it as her identity. "A monster". That's what she what she was saw that must be what she was.
-She lived a mostly sad and lonely earlier childhood....but at eight..she found a friend. A neighboring royal who seemed to not be fazed by her monstrous appearance. The girl and her became good friends and one day she asked her why she wanted to be friends with a monster like her and the girl told her she never knew she WAS a monster and that she was too nice to be one. The girl had never really paid attention to her outer appearance, she just really liked Estelle for inner beauty /shot/ and she said she wished that she could be as sweet and stuff as Estelle....because she herself.....was a "real monster".
-Estelle and her stayed friends for awhile and they would laugh and vent each other problems to each other, until one day the girl didn't come back.
-And Estelle was heartbroken about that hgsns because she was friendless again.. :iconpapcryplz:
-Until~ she hit puberty.
-Once she hit puberty....she got big. Like...REALLLLL BIG. And she got hot. Like....REALLLLL HOT. And then she EXPLODED! And Estelle chunks just flew like everywhere pffff, well the chunks weren't Estelle was like..."excess pieces" her body was getting rid of pfft...but after all of that excess junk was blown off..there laid a sparkling diamond in the rough~ who's name was Estelle.
-After she hit puberty and turned into a diamond and all that, people started to like her and wanted to be her friend and stuff, but Estelle was like "PFFF!! FUQ YA'LL!" Youdidn'twannabefriendsthen,thenyoudon'twannabemyfriendsnow :iconimseriousplz: because she rather have no friends, then fake ass friends.
-She's kind of bitter about that and hates the fact that people only wanna befriend her because of her looks "now" instead of trying to be her friend back "then"..when she felt like she needed it most...(so she's kind of got trust issues)
-However, she sees that she is the princess of these "douches" and tries to rule them as nicely as possible, although past feelings do start to surface form time to time that clouds her reasoning and judgement on them.
-Is pretty nice, but can be kind of sarcastic and sassy sometimes.
-When she feels like somebody is talking bullshit or she's just tired of hearing them talk she'll stick her tongue out her mouth and go "PFFFFFFFFFFFF" (or some other noise or say one word (like whoaaaaa), but it's usually just pffff pfft ; v ; ), which is a signal for whoever to shut up.
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Looks like Edmund has a neighbor now~ XD))



YES. :iconmanlytearsplz: ))
 Edmund: ...*taps her forehead* wow, yer as hard-headed as me. Literally!
ughgugh I love her info and she's so fab omg :heart: )) 
(( Hggnnss I'm so glad you do~ her info was really fun to write~ withallthatsadchildhoodandallpfft :iconsoaparthurplz:
And she tries to be fab pfft :iconpapcryplz: ))
Ibet ;v; 
she is the most fabulous )) 
fioleeisme Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
shiny=cool peeps
(( All da shinies pfft :iconallmyloveplz: ))
fioleeisme Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:D (Big Grin) 
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