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December 30, 2012
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Mama Glut and her Baby Boy by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Mama Glut and her Baby Boy by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( I don’t know why….but I’ve been wanting to do like a lil’ comic series of MP3’s hobo life when she ran away from home and put all the people she met while away…..but I don’t know why I’m even thinking about trying to do it because I already know how lazy I am and me comics are just……no lol…. U 3 U;

But I did want to re-vamp Mama Glut because *looks at her old picture* she needed a re-vamp… > v >;

But Mama Glut was one of the people MP3 met earlier on in her travels.
It’s harder for a MP to be a hobo because they just can’t live off the land like other hobos, they have to have a place to plug in for the night to charge back up…and the forest just doesn’t cut it.
So while being a hobo, she had to find metal and stuff to eat because her body can break it down into energy. Any metal will do.
And Mama Glut had metal wires holding some of her plants up~ so when MP3 found them~ she thought~ “JACKPOT!”
So while she was trying to get her munch on~ Mama Glut caught her and started attacking her because she thought MP3 was trying to steal her special ingredients to some of her recipes, but then she realized that she was just a “baby”, as she considered her to be because she was still so young.
Although she was called Mama Glut, she didn’t have any children of her own and she loved children dearly, so she gladly took MP3 in as her own.
Since MP3 was incognito as a boy at the time, Mama Glut thought she was a boy and affectionately nicknamed her “Baby Boy” since MP3 said she didn’t have a name.
MP3 called her Ma G.
During the time she stayed with Mama Glut, she learned more about food was because it was originally almost foreign to her. The only thing she knew about it was that it wasn’t edible to her.
Mama had cooked her a breakfast the next day after she started living with her and she noticed that MP3 was just staring at the food and not eating it. She found it strange because she figured she was hungry because she thought that she was trying to eat her plants, so she didn’t understand why she wasn’t now. When she asked her, MP3 then explained that she couldn’t eat it.
It made Mama a lil’ sad because she felt like eating was one of the MOST enjoyable parts of living and that every living thing should be able to enjoy food.
She didn’t wanna make her new mama sad like she had made her other one, so she sniffed the food and told her it smelled good. That’s how she learned what most food was, by smelling it. It’s because of Mama that she tells people that she likes their cooking, by smelling it and telling them it smells good.
She also worked as a waiter in Mama’s shop and helped her with her chores. Except washing dishes lol.
Also~ when Mama found out that MP3 could sing~ Mama and her also enjoyed karaoke together lol > v >
However, she felt like she was being a burden to Mama because Mama would have to take extra money that she made to go and buy metal to feed her because she couldn’t eat the food that was already there.
So she eventually she left her Ma G and went back on the road as a hobo… ; 3 ;

HOWEVER! Ma G is one of the people that she was able to reconnect with later on, so she does go and visit her and help her out every now and then~ ; v ;
Although Mama now knows that MP3 is a girl, she still calls her Baby Boy because she says that she will always be her Baby Boy ; 3 ; :heart: ))
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Ask-Sweet-The-Human Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
(( Pfft :iconmingplz: ))
Ask-Sweet-The-Human Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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AskDestroyer Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
mama Glut I say awwwwww :heart: nice story...))
(( D'aww thanks~ ; v ; :heart: ))
AskChefShazameir Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
((...I feel like I've seen Mama Glut before in a nightmare ;_; ))
(( You may have~ > v >
Cuz that's what she likes to lurk in~ < v <
And appears to people who have pigged out on food till they're about to burst!
So if you've had one of those moments~ > v >
You might have seen her~ < v < ))
d'aw ; u ; love this and Mama glut is so cool >u< ))
(( Eeeeeeeeeee! Glad you do! And thanks! :iconkissingplz: :heart: ))
welcome >u< ))
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