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January 13, 2013
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Masaru Eibitsu aka The Prince of 8-bit by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Masaru Eibitsu aka The Prince of 8-bit by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
Kids: *grabby hands and some pulling on him* :icongrabbyhandsplz: :icongrabbyhandsplz: :icongrabbyhandsplz: :icongrabbyhandsplz: :icongrabbyhandsplz: :icongrabbyhandsplz: YESSSSSSS!!
Masaru: Okay guys okay! Just calm down alright? I got enough for everybody ha ha. :icontinoplz:

(( Pfftlookit'sa"game""boy"lolbadpunsarebadlol :iconyoucardplz:
Butanywaylol~ - v -

Name: Masaru Eibitsu (pfft tried to make a last name that sounded like 8-bit lol > v > )
Age: 20
Job: Arcade Owner of an arcade named,Game Bits and kind of a part-time baby sitter lol
Likes: Programming and playing video games, music, kids, and his pet MiniBod, Mario
Dislikes: Wrestling and fighting, joystick jokes, and his ex-girlfriend
Info about him:
-His mom is a MP (Music Player) and his dad is a GS (Game System).
-They originally lived in the Music Kingdom when he was little, but his father moved him and his mother back to his hometown when he was 3 because he got tired of the constant noise in the kingdom….and he just felt like he needed to raise his family in a less hectic place.
-However, his mom felt that he still needed to know the other half of his heritage too and not just block him out completely, so she arranged small visits for him to stay at his grandma’s house for one week in each month.
-He’s just recently returning to the Music Kingdom. His father…really doesn’t want him living over there though…( but..he was the one who helped him start his arcade up over here lol )
-His arcade is closed in the morning, but is open at night. The reason why he opens it at night is to give MPs with kids a place to go, so they can go out and party and live their kids some place where they can be safe *coughandnotathomebythemselvesbecausethereareafewbadparentsthatdothatsometimescoughcough*.
-He provides kids under his night care program with tokens, so that they can play all the games they want and keep them occupied. However, adults and teens have to pay if they wanna play~ U 3 U
-He’s EXTREMELY good gamer and is known as “The Prince of 8-bit”. He would say that he’s never lost a game…but that wouldn’t be true…because he loses on purpose to some of the kids in his night care program when they can’t win against any of the other kids…so he throws games for them to make them feel a lil’ better about it lol ; v ;
-He’s also called “Mama” by some of the kids in his night care program. Pfft cuz it’s suppose to be short for Masaru lol - v –
-He likes to listen and give advice to people who have problems, but his advice can come off as a lil’ jerkish sometimes….he doesn’t mean for it to be…but it does sometimes lol…
-He’s not only a MP, but he’s mixed with a game system too. He was three different gaming slots in his back where people can insert different game discs and paks. When a game is inserted into him, the game will appear on his chest. He can also project it into a bigger screen from his projector len, located under his screen.
-Some of the games people can play on him you have to touch the buttons on his stomach and some of them you have to plug a joystick to play…well…he’ll plug the joystick in…because the joystick holes are lil’ too low for other people to touch…so yeah…> - >
-You have to be friends with him for him to let you play him though lol
-Most people think his buttons and screen are a shirt though and don’t really know that he just doesn’t wear a shirt lol. He does however wear jackets~ U v U
-He got a pet MiniBod for his girlfriend when they were dating, named Mario, but after they broke up..she took everything but him…so he lives with Masaru now. It’s funny because he couldn’t stand Mario and Mario couldn’t stand him, but after the breakup…they started becoming close…*shrugs* guess because they were both left by the same woman they both loved… ; v ;
-He is weaker than the average MP male…so fighting and wrestling and all that really isn’t his strong point…
-He can’t fight worth a crap in a real fight, but he’s a BEAST in video game fights lol
-He programs games and comes up with his own music for them.
-Sometimes he puts his games that he programs into his arcade to test and see if people like them.
-One that people really seemed to enjoy was “Pooks”, so he still has that one in there.

And that’s about it lol~ ; v ;

P.S. He's not a prince for real, it's just a title lol > v >))
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Ask-The-Ice-Prince Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
((*grabby hands* Q3Q Stahp...he is just too adorable abubu
Now if I may as, what is pooks exactly?))
Ask-JackWilliams Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
((oh glob XD , hes hiding the joy stick XD ))
LifeUnderAShell Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
((Oooh, I always love it when you design characters, such detailed descriptions! ouo ))
Ask-Coffee-Princess Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
((Oh my gosh cuuutttiiiieee! :heart:))
(( Maybe~ but~ *squishes your face* he's not as cute as you~ :icondesireyouplz:
ABUBUBU!! :iconherpderpplz: ))
Ask-Coffee-Princess Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
((Oh you~ :icondesueyeplz:///u///:icondesueyeplz:
And you are cuter than he and I combined!))
Ask-The-Guitar-Hero Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He's so adorable~!!!! Rp?))
(( Thank you!
And sure
ButIwarnyou..I'mnotthebestRPerlol.. u//v//u ))
Ask-The-Guitar-Hero Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's ok I'll start))
Roxanne- Wow, Hello sir~!! I never seen you around here.
AskPrinceAnarchy Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
(i loves this)
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