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Personality Contest Entry: Zaiden??? by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Personality Contest Entry: Zaiden??? by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( My entry for :iconoeus: and :iconask-vintageprincess:'s Personality contest pfft ; v ;

Name/Nickname: Zaiden (is her birth name, but with there being three people that share this one body she has other names too, that are "Anisa, Perdita, and Maura". However, they only use their separate names when discussing among themselves, but when talking to people on the "outside", they all go by "Zaiden".)

Age: 20

Species/ Personality Trait: Traffic Light Person/ (able to switch personalities to adapt in social environments )

Height/Weight: 5'4"/ enough to be able to be alive lol

Biography: Zaiden started life...okay. She was very observant at a young age. This was probably most likely the start of her downfall in later years to come...
Anywho, she would observe how the members in her family acted...which some were violent..and with her mimicking their actions, as all young children tend to do, her nature started heading in that direction itself. Her signs of aggression really started to peak and show when she was put around other children that were an annoyance to her. It started out small, with giving them small shoves and punches...but then it started evolving into more serious biting and scratching the skin off of their arms. This was only her during her preschool years though.
Once she got a little older, and a little stronger...she got a little worse...because she was able to put more force into her attacks and inflict more pain. She didn't just go around beating random people up though, it was just the ones that annoyed her in some way, whether it was something stupid they had said or had hurt somebody else, then she just felt like it was her duty to kick their ass, and more preferring , until they cried. day...her conscious..finally appeared...and when it did...and started working...and it made her actually feel..."bad" that she was hurting people, even when she felt like a beating was a justified one.
Her conscious appearing was actually the beginning of her division of personalities, starting off with creating the sweet and loveable "Anisa". She had been nice to people before without it, but now that she had (Anisa) it just seemed to intensify and was decreasing her aggressiveness~ She started wanting to make more friends and hug everyone and just wanted to love everybody~ but.....everybody didn't always wanna love her back..and when her love she was giving to people was rejected....she just didn't know how to to understand.."why".....people wouldn't receive the love she was giving them. Love was suppose to be nice right? Why would you reject something nice? Questions like these began to create...."confusion" in her mind and jumbled with her emotions....
She still tried to be this "new-found" nicer and kinder person that she had become..but it was hard to be when there were some people she would try to love just keep on rejecting it..again and again and again and again...until "rejection" had became a new emotion she felt as well...and then those same questions started to arise..and they repeated over and over and over and over and over in her head...until those questions finally dug up all those dark and negative emotions she thought she had hide away....and this was what created the violent and pissed "Maura".
For years, those two battled it out on control of the body. Whenever Anisa was in control she was fun and bubbly, but she was also a pushover and everyone's doormat....which made Maura furious because she felt like they were being taken advantage of. Then whenever Maura was in control she was confident in herself and said what was on her mind, but she also lashed out at people both verbally and physically.....which made Anisa furious because she felt it was wrong to hurt people in anyway. Anisa also thought that everybody was not out to hurt them and that people were able to become "friends", although Maura thought that was whole bunch of bullshit...they had been hurt too many times and she had grown VERY wary on gaining "true friends".
Although they fought and debated with each other all the time, they did come to an agreement. That there must be a "middle ground", and so..."Perdita" was formed.
Perdita is the middle ground and the one that usually has control of the body. It is her job to evaluate and determined how "the body" deals with the people it comes into contact with. If they are friendly to her and show possibilities of forming a friendship, then she switches places with Anisa who in return is friendly and polite to them. However, if they're being an ass to her or to someone else, then she switches places with Maura, who will either give them a piece of her mind or kick their ass (if their ass is available to kick, because it's hard to do when it's like an internet confrontation pfft). Perdita herself however is a highly shy person. Her nerves are also wrecked from the constant fights she has to listen to in "the body's head" and dealing with the confused emotions that the other two don't know how to deal with and just dumped on her. She's both negative and positive, and switches between the two emotions randomly. She's harder on herself than she is other people pfft. She also deals with bigots or annoying people by herself, where she usually deals with them with sarcastic comments that they're usually too dense to understand that they're insults, or they just don't expect her to make them, so they just register it as a joke.
Now that they have little Perdita~ they're little trio runs a little smoother~ well..for them..Perdita's kind of a wreck because she deals with WAY more than the other two.

Special Quirks:
Anisa: Happy-go-lucky, loves to love people, hugger, likes to joke around and laugh, smiles a lot, very immature, thinks of everyone as a friend, is very sympathetic, trusts everyone, wants to always help people, romantic at heart

Perdita: Scardey-cat, confused often, is very observant of other people, overthinks things, is very hard on herself, crybaby, shy, fiddles with fingers all the time because she's always nervous, has to have something in her hand to fiddle with when out in public, doesn't think people really like her, gets depressed easily, impulsive, indecisive, low self- esteem

Maura: Very untrusting of people, gets angry easily, likes to be alone, gets annoyed easily, is rude when provoked, quick to fight, has a sense of humor...but it's pretty dark lol

They all mostly like the same things, like cute things, sweet things, jackets, video games, cartoons, stuffed animals, music.
But the only thing that's different is that Anisa likes people, whereas Perdita and Maura can do without them....and Anisa dislkes being without people and lonely ; 3 ;

Origin/Nationality: American

What part of this OC represents you?: Hahaprettymucheverythinglol :iconimsotiredplz:
Pfft no jk jk
But sometimes I feel like I look at the world like a traffic light.
I see some people as red...they're unapproachable and not open to me..
Some people are yellow...which is when I just don't I'm cautious on how I act with them..
And then some are green..they welcome me with warm smiles and love and it's like kdjflds oh gosh how can I not smile and love 'em back haha
I also feel like a traffic light though...LIKE I DON'T HAVE SEPARATE NAMES AND STUFF FOR MY "other people" LOL, but I do tend to switch moods and personalites like *fingersnap* that, sometimes I switch for awhile, and sometimes it's for a day, or longer....and I debate with myself on every action I make before I make it, which makes me overthink things sometimes and usually sends me into a "Perdita" mode, if I'm not already there, then it's just like an even DEEPER mode of that lol XD
But this is the reason why I decided to give her a traffic light design because that's how I feel on the inside when trying to think how to deal with a situation or a person and that's how I view people. ; v ;

Which I actually have an example on how Perdita evaluates people (because she doesn't actually see people as "people"), but I'll submit that later's like 5 where I live pfft :iconlazypoolplz:
Oh! And Perdita is the one in contol of the body in the picture. When Anisa is in control, both eyes are green, and when it's Maura, they're both red.

P.s. The name Zaiden means "multiple faces"
Anisa means "friend"
Perdita means "lost woman"
Maura means "dark"))
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((wait, is this contest still on?! I MUST TAKE ACTION, THEN!


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((Why are you so awesome at making characters?
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(( PfftI'mnotreally,I'mjustreallyrandom,butthankspfft ; v ;
But thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it ; v ; 
It'sgoodtoknowthestoryofmylifeisagoodonelol :iconpapcryplz:
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