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November 24, 2012
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Screwy Louie by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Screwy Louie by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( Well. This is him as a kid lol XD

But I was gonna to talk about his backstory in this pic, but I decided to just talk about it in his bio lol~ ; v ;

BUTTTTTTTT~ I did wanna say what he is in this picture~ ; v ;

Louie is a Trick-Kit, which is a species of cat demon that I came up with. Trick-Kits are mischievous lil’ butts who like to trick people with hypnosis and delusions. For example, let’s say that a man bought a watch from a Trick-Kit because he thought it was a watch…but it’s actually a dirty sweat sock. The reason why the man thinks the sock is a watch is because Trick-Kits can hypnotize people with their eyes to make them believe an item is what whatever they want the person to believe it is, which in this case the Trick-Kit is making the man believe the sock is a watch. So now this guy is walking around with a sock around his wrist thinking that it’s a watch….BUT! If the Trick-Kit snaps the fingers on his hand tail, then the man would be unhypnotized and see that the watch is actually a sock! But~ PFFFFTTTTT he’s not gonna unhypnotize him because he wants to keep the money he got from that “watch” lol~ - v –
And that’s the only way to get unhypnotized too, so now the man is stuck with thinking that forever, unless he comes close in contact with the same Trick-Kit again while his tail snaps it’s fingers. And the downside to that is that everybody else can see that it’s just a sock, so they’re going to be like “Omg why is he wearing a sock on his wrist….? :iconwthplz:”. So then everybody thinks he’s crazy lol – v –
But they can’t use their power on each other. BUT! There are rare occasions when a Trick-Kit can use its power against other Trick-Kits. And Screwy Louie here is one of them~ And because of that ability is part of the reason that made him “screwy”~ But I’ll explain why later in his bio lol~ - v - ))
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Ask-JackWilliams Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i..i feel like hes looking into my soul O_O
d'oh precious babby ugh can't handle the cute and I love that , trick-kits, so neat ; v ;))
AskTheCardPrince Nov 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Can I....
Can I keep him...
And love him...?
:icondesucryplz: )
(( You may. *hands you Louie* *nowyougivemeninawithalldatpreshfluffyhairuh-huh*
Just give him lemons and he'll be good~ - v - ))
AskTheCardPrince Nov 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
PFT. Please do.
Just make sure to let her see Huddy once a day, and she'll be fine UwU<3)
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