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Soul Eater Contest Entry: Isandro by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Soul Eater Contest Entry: Isandro by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( Second Entry for :iconmarylittlerose:'s Soul Eater Contest abubu

Name: Isandro Ramon Flores
Gender: Male 
Age: 45
Species: Soul Eater 
Job: Clinical and Counseling Psychologist
Hobbies: Reading, writing, studying up on the latest news in the world (likes to stay on top of things pfft), taking walks at night, and working on his bottled ships.
Nationality: Spanish
Sexual Orientation: Straight; had a wife, but she kind of left him lol
-As a boy, Isandro was brought up to always be prim and well-mannered~ "Be nothing short of a gentleman" his parents would tell him
"For it's those who play that role well, are the ones that are able to wrap anyone they choose around their fingers~and have the world at their feet" 
-His parents were some of the most loving, caring, understanding people you could ever meet~ but again, that's just how most great manipulators are~ They could charm and fool people with such ease, that it might as well been their profession. They lived off of the ideal that anything can be achieved or made so much easier with the power of manipulation~(because their mindset was like "It's not what you know, it's 'who' you know) most mortals were soft-hearted fools to them who could be wooed with just the simplest act of kindness that it was almost sad, but not sad enough to stop using them for their gains. 
-They encouraged for their son to learn how to manipulate as they did, but Isandro was an honest-hearted boy, a 'bluntly' honest boy.
-He would act as a young gentleman (for the majority of the time), but not because he was trying to fool people with a fake persona like his parents did, but because it was just who 'he' was. If he was shown respect, then he would give respect. If he was shown disrespect, he would take a piece of the disrespectful person's soul pfft.
-He was always honest and open about his ideals and thoughts, but sometimes it would get him labeled as a jerk. However, most of his peers and others respected him for his honesty and ever knew if they wanted to hear "the Glob honest truth", then just ask Isandro~ because you'll get it pfft.
-His parents used to cut his horns off when he was young because they believed that in order to reach perfect manipulation that you must not only act innocent, but look it too (because it's in most people's instinct to trust things more if they look innocent and harmless, rather than shady and such. Like comparing a cat to a pitbull. Most would fear the pitbull because it is profiled as a 'dangerous' animal, so most tend to think it as 'dangerous' and non-trusting, but like many dogs they are actually quite friendly and loyal. As for cats on the other hand, most think of them as cute and sweet, but they are actually quite manipulative and are really the ones you shouldn't trust, but most do because we are so wooed by their cuteness. Like that's the sort of philosophy pfft.) ~ and a pair of horns sure weren't sending a signal of "angelic". He HATED it when they did that because he felt like they were trying to hide something about who he really was, creating a lie...which he was extremely not fond of. 
-He was actually not fond of his parents either....they were such deceitful beings...and he did take into the consideration that they 'were' monsters, but he had been around other soul eaters other than them before (mostly family) and NONE of them were such lying manipulators like made him ponder about why that was? Why did they operate the way they do? It was questions like this that sparked his interest in psychology and made him pursue a career in it. 
-One of the first books about psychology he read said that it was the scientific study of 'mental functions and behaviors' and that the goal of it was to "understand" individuals, which he wanted to do. 
-When he first told his parents about his plans to become a psychologist they were thrilled because they believed if you know the secrets of the brain then you have the upper-hand of controlling someone because you can use that information against them, but Isandro told them that he had no desire whatsoever to use it for that purpose....but instead wanted to find out why people are the way they are and possibly help them get back on the honest track. After he told them that....well then they found it to be quite the meaningless career choice.....
-He didn't care what his parents thought though and continued to pursue the career.
-Even before going to college about it, he kind of got his start on it in junior high through high school. He would open 'therapy' sessions to his peers and encouraged them that if they needed someone to talk to, then he was there. He figured most would take him up on his offer because he figured that they would be more willing to ask for help and open up to someone around their age than go to someone older who would most likely scare them into not opening up, which he was right. He had numerous peers come to him for sessions and he almost had put the school's counselor out of business. 
-He never sugar-coated anything or felt pity for any of them, for what help would that do? He would always give them an honest diagnosis of what he thought what problem they had and would give advice that would hopefully help these poor unfortunate souls...but one thing he did try to assure them was that whatever it was that was bothering them that they did have the power to overcome it...for people underestimate the power of the mind and the limitations it can create...if you let it...
-He never charged much for his services back then either~ a kiss on the hand of a lady~ a handshake from a fellow man~ that's all he asked for. (Ofcourse he was taking pieces of their soul when he did it though, so that was really the 'real' payment pfft )
-He was a smart fellow and had skipped a couple of grades because of it (mostly skipped his whole elementary years because he so ahead), so he was able to graduate from both high school (at 14) and college (at 24, with a masters) earlier than most of his other psychologist colleagues. 
-During his internship for his masters, he meet a girl whose foster parents had sent her to counseling for help and during their first meeting...after hearing from her of the things she did that sent her here...the first thing he told her was that "You are one of the most vile and despicable sadist I have EVER confronted in my life...and will most likely ever confront...", which she answered with a laugh and a sarcastic 
"Well thank you~ I'm glad I make such a strong impression on you~"
-She was truly a vile woman, no, not even a woman, a girl. She was 16, but nowhere sweet. Although she had the sweetest smile and the most "enchanting" lil' disposition, but underneath all that she had the heart of a true sadist. 
-She would say to him things during sessions like, "You're young~ you should know the feeling of wanting to experience life to the fullest and enjoying all things that make you happy~ and torturing my prey~ haha~ it's one of the main things that makes me happy~ and what's wrong with that? Wanting to be happy~ is that really such a bad thing? I thought that's what you quacks where all about? To help people reach an understanding, so that they may live happily~". Just things like that to try and twist psychology with psychology pfft
-Another thing about this girl too was that she was also a soul eater and would try to use that to explain her habits too. 
" I don't see your horns~ don't know what's up with that pfft~ but I know~ I know you're just like me~ And because you are I also know that you should understand 'the thirst' and how it fills when it's not quenched....and's just that mine isn't quenched unless I add a lil' 'flavor' to it~ (which what she meant is like she doesn't fill satisfied with just taking a soul...she had to cause major pain in some way to her victim also before she was truly satisfied. Pretty much she had to feel the need for the soul and to cause harm to another. Majority of the time physical harm. )
-He thought his parents were bad? PHEESH! This chick had them beat! But....there was just something about her that attracted him to first it was just that psychologist curiosity he had of "Omg why is she like this? I must study her..."...but then it kind of blossomed into more than just curiosity for him...because over time...he did notice that she was different when they were just alone and so open....and he just...just kind of fell in love with her. Which he first fond it hard to believe himself...because although she did have a soft spot when it came to was still kind of hgngn....but he confessed to her..and even more of a surprise to him she actually said accepted his confession and said that she felt the same way. 
-They then got married 5 years after the confession and they had a pretty happy life....until 2 years later..something happened that changed their lives. She got pregnant. 
-Isandro was always 'careful' when it came to 'no babies', so they were both pretty shocked when they found out...because neither of them wanted a they both decided that the best thing to do was to 'do away with it'.
-However, she said she wanted to get rid of it her own way and terminate it herself, by birthing it and terminating it in her own hands...which Isandro told her he felt like was a little 'much', but he had no interest in fathering it anyway...and it was she who was carrying he said she may do what she wanted with it... 
-When it was time for her to deliver it, he was not there for the delivery...because even if he didn't want to father it...he still did not want to see a newborn stripped of it's life as soon as it took it's first he didn't go home at all that day...but to his surprise when he came back home...he came home to a crying baby...and even more surprising a crying wife. He had never seen her cry before...and frankly thought she was unable to feel any emotion that would make her when he asked her why she was crying...she looked at him all teary and puffy-eyed and said
"I couldn't do it...."
-After then hearing that, he HAD to see this creature that was able to bring tears to even 'her' he went over and picked up the crying baby who seemed to feel comfortable in his arms immediately for it stopped crying as soon as he picked it was a little girl...and he just looked into those big, innocent doe-eyed eyes of hers and was just...kind of enchanted by them for a moment....felt like a father...for a moment...but only a moment.
-Although they decided to keep her, they still had trouble 'accepting' her as something they 'had' to care for...but in order to really get themselves into a mindset to care for her..they had to think of her more as a 'pet' than their child.
-Isandro was better at caring for her and remembered to feed her and change her and all that stuff, unlike his wife who didn't. 
-She started resenting her decision to keep her...but could never bring herself to kill her....but decided that she could NOT continue this life around this baby was weighing her down...she was still young...a raring 24...she shouldn't have to live feeling like this...being 'soft' 3 years after..she decided to leave Isandro and her child behind, without saying a word to Isandro about it.
-He was FURIOUS about this because they had agreed that they would try to get through this parenting thing least until the child was old enough to go out on it's own...but there she went and ran off like a coward..wasn't even descent enough to tell him....
-After she left him...he felt a little betrayed and lost...she was a lot of things but a liar and a deserter was some of things she weren't....or so he thought..he thought he could trust her..and that she trusted him when he would tell her that 'things will be okay', because he she had always had before...because he never said that unless he meant it..and he meant it about the baby thing too...that they would be okay..but now...hgns
-Although his daughter did help him get through some of his feelings.....she was young...still just a babe really...but she could sense when he was sad...and was very empathetic to him...always trying to cheer him up with gestures she had saw her mother used to do when he was sad...hoping that they would work just as well if she did them...which they did.
-He raised his daughter the best way he could, and actually~ he thought he was doing a pretty good job~ until one day he noticed that she was getting weaker and weaker.....and when he found out she wasn't consuming souls like she should he explained to her that it was important for her to be doing so...but she refused because she didn't wanna be a 'monster'.
-Being Mr. Blunt that he is, Isandro told her that " You ARE a monster and there is nothing that was gonna change that fact otherwise...and the type of monster that you are REQUIRES you to HAVE to consume souls or else you will do you want that niņa?" He figured mentioning the aspect of 'death' to her would make her snap out of the 'no soul taking' nonsense once she heard how grave the consequence was...for children are usually the main ones who have the dream of staying alive forever...but to his surprise she told him she would rather die then be a bad person.....a monster.
-Stubborn. Little. Fool....It wasn't like they stole souls for the hell of it....okay maybe her mother did...but not all soul eaters were like her though...No. They did it because it was what they 'had' to do, but no matter how much he told it was a necessity..she still refused to do it....and was continuing to become weaker and weaker...and she was young too...only six...her little body couldn't take much more of skipping out...b-b-but he tried to get her to see with the truth! B-b-but it wasn't working...and for the first time in his life....telling the truth w-was only making things was only one other thing to do...lie.
-He came up with this false story of how mortals are so sad and lost here in the "Land of the Living" because they were once angels in heaven who lost their wings and fell down here and that they long so very much to return up to the sky, but they cannot because there is something weighing them down...and when she asked what..he said "Their souls." In order for the angels to every make it back to heaven again they must detach their souls, so that they can enter the "Land of the Dead", until they can become angels again. However, mortals cannot extract the souls themselves, so that is why they have to do that they can help the angels. 
-He hated it...he hated that he had to lie...but...children are gullible...and always look for everything to have a happy ending like in fairy tales...even though in reality everything cannot have one...but he knew his daughter was no different...and that creating this false story of saving cherubs instead of harvesting souls...would change her way of view about it and make her do it in hopes of doing good...which it did.
-Even currently now, 9 years after hearing that story, she still believes that to this day.

Small facts:
-Although he hardly ever smiles, he's not really that much of a stick in the mud. He just looks like it pfft.
-Is more affectionate with words than gestures, which means when it comes to just words he can be quite affectionate if he wants to be, but when it comes to gestures....well...he really doesn't like to be touched affectionately...unless his body language invites the other to do so. Which is a problem for his daughter because she is a HIGHLY affectionate person, but he's just like "no" with her most of the times pfft.
-Is still upset about his wife leaving him...and sometimes out of confusion (when sleep-deprived) attacks his daughter thinking that she's her. He feels bad about it later though when he realizes it.
-Has yet to get back into a serious relationship (and doubts to ever get in one really), but seldomly he will go and pursue 'the comfort of a lady' when feeling *coughsexuallycough* frustrated, but again, very seldom. He also has to know her to, so it's usually like a female patient when hgn, never a *coughhookercough*. 
- Does not allow his daughter to call him any forms of the word 'father', because he doesn't see her as his offspring...and feels more so her 'temporary guardian' than her 'father'. He sees her more so as a 'pet'. She has to call him 'Mr. Flores' (whichinawayisprettyspeicalbecausehemakeseveryoneelsecallhim'Dr.Flores'andonlyletshercallhim'Mr';v; )
-Plans to raise and house his daughter until she is able to go into the world on her own, which is '18' for him. 
-In the beginning of his psychology career, he would try to help his clients get over their troubles and find some sort of happiness in his life, but after having his daughter and having to create this 'false sense of justice' for her....he would sometimes pick apart 'his weak link' clients who were faced with depression and would then talk them into a DEEPER depression, so that he may push them to 'the brink' and that his daughter would have 'new victims'. He hates this tactic, but sometimes it's the only way he can find to get her to 'eat' he does it in a kind of 'the end justifies the mean' kind of way. He still hates it though....because he feels like he's becoming how his parents were...and how they told him to use his psychology...
-The only person he will EVER lie to and for is his daughter, but even then..only to 'some' extent.
-He does not cut his own horns off anymore, but does so for his daughter because it helps her deal pfft.
-Rarely calls his daughter by her actually name and mostly refers to her as "Niņa" when addressing to her, or either her nickname, but mostly niņa pfft
-Admin note: I was gonna talk about what his name meant and why I thought a soul eater would make a good fingers.....owww....OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :iconlazypoolplz:

So that's all pfft
I'm DONE LOL :iconlazycryrollplz:

Andifsomeonemakesa'connection'withhimandsomebodyelse.IwilloveyousohardbecauseIwillhaveknownyoureadallthestuffhgngn:heart: ))
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