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Soul Eater Contest Entry: Nohemi by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Soul Eater Contest Entry: Nohemi by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( OnemoredayofschoolandthenI'mfreEEEEEEEEEEE :iconallmyloveplz:

But pfft, this is one of my contest entries for :iconmarylittlerose:'s Soul Eater Contest ; v ; 

Name: Nohemi Tere Flores (but is commonly goes by her nickname "Doe" )
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Soul Eater
Job: Self-proclaimed "Euthanasist"
Hobbies: Volunteering, tending to the family garden, going around giving hugs to people who look like they need one, feeding strays, and soaking
Nationality: Spanish
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual 
-Nohemi was an unplanned child and her parents constantly had discussions of 'getting rid of her' because they both were at a point in their life where they felt like a baby would just stand in the way of their life neither of them liked children...or wanted any... so they thought that it would be best to just to terminate this one and be done with it....
-However, her mother's idea of 'terminating' her was more cruel than most who seek these methods...she had resented the pregnancy woes that came with the growing baby in her womb...and decided to keep the baby and birth that only she could pay the baby back the pain she felt while carrying killing it in her own hands after birthing it....though...that was the original plan....but after holding her daughter in her hands...she had a change of heart.
-Nohemi's father also had a change about her after seeing her. He just looked into those big ol' eyes and all those fatherly emotions came gushing in~ but then disappeared shortly pfft
-Because they originally had no intent on keeping her, they had NO idea on what they were gonna name her now, but her father said that he felt like 'Nohemi' suited her because her eyes were so pleasant and that for a moment even HE was enchanted by them.
-Although they named her though....they barely called her by it. She was either "Hey, No, Stop, It, Baby" for at least her first year of life, especially by her mother who constantly on a daily basis regretted her decision on keeping her.
-Her father was kinder to her though. I mean, he wasn't number one dad, but he took much more time and showed much more attention than her mother ever did.
-When she was 3, her mother slipped out, left home, and never came back. Her father was furious about it because they promised each other that they would get through this 'raising a baby' thing together, which was one of the main reasons for keeping Nohemi. Whenever he was upset about her mother's 'disappearance' she would get something of her mother's, wear it, and pat her father on the foot while saying "Allí allí~" because she knew that's what her mother used to say to him when he was upset like that, so she tried to be a replacement for her mom, in hopes that it would cheer him up (because she figured that's why he was upset) ; v ;
-It was after her mom's absence that her father and her became closer with one another, because they were all each other had. 
-After a while her father also got to the point where he felt like he could raise her on his own~ raising a child wasn't so hard~ or so he thought...
-He had no time to homeschool or teach her, so he sent her to school with the 'mortals'. He also thought that it was important for her to be around them, so that she can learn their ways and how they tick~ so that she could learn ways to collect souls from them easily by learning how to maneuver them . (Like 'You gotta think and become like the prey, in order to catch the prey' type of deal pfft ; v ; )
-Although mortal school seemed beneficial and had it's pros to it, it also had it's cons. She was coming home weaker and weaker and sadder and sadder everyday until her father finally asked her what was causing her to be in such a bad shape...and had she been consuming any souls lately? She then told him that she hadn't...and when he asked her why hadn't she...she burst into tears and told him because she was tired of being a 'monster'. 
-She said at school she learned that monsters are bad and whenever they talk about them in class all the other children either say they're scared of them, hate them, or start to cry....and to make things order to comfort the children the teacher of the class told them not to be worried because if a monster ever came in the school then she would beat them up...AND SHE DIDN'T WANNA GET BEAT UP! (shewasyoungandyouknow,thingslikethatarelikeNOOOOOwhenyou'relittlepfft:iconheplz:)
-Also most of the kids at school didn't wanna play with her because they thought she was a monster...because in an attempt to impress them once, she had changed her arms into 'monster puppets', as in like a fun magic trick, but instead it only sent them screaming "AHHHHH!!MONSTER! MONSTER!". Plus her horns didn't help give her a less monstrous look....(although she tried to past them off as a hair style since they were the same color as her hair) anditwouldbeanydaybeforeherteacherfoundoutshewasamonstertooandwouldbeatherup*sobs* :iconpapcryplz:
-Her father told her that she is what she is and in order to survive she knew what she had to do....but she was still reluctant and said she would rather die than to be a monster...and so she continued not to consume any...which resulted in her becoming weaker and weaker
-Her father knew that if she continued to be defiant about this any longer than it wouldn't be too long before she clunked he came up with a way to change her mindset about it and coax her back into consuming souls. 
-He fed her this false story that mortals are so sad and lost here in the "Land of the Living" because they were once angels in heaven who lost their wings and fell down here and that they long so very much to return up to the sky, but they cannot because there is something weighing them down...and when she asked what..he said "Their souls." In order for the angels to every make it back to heaven again they must detach their souls, so that they can enter the "Land of the Dead", until they can become angels again. However, mortals cannot extract the souls themselves, so that is why they have to do it.
-His *coughfalsecough* story gave her a new positive outlook on what they were doing. It made her think that they weren't really destroying lives, but instead helping them reach a place of happiness~so she started soul snatching again pfft (she'shighlygulliblepffteve )

Small facts:
-Although she feels less like a monster now, seeing her horns always makes her feel like one, so her father always cuts them off for her whenever they start to appear. (It makes her feel like she can throw away 'the monster' if she throws away 'the monster horns' pfft ; v ; )
-She got the nickname 'Doe' because she's so 'doe-eyed' lol ; v ;
-Most of her victims are people on the brink of suicide who want to die, but are too afraid to do it because of fear of the she 'helps' them with it by giving them a nice, painless death and reassuring them that things will be better once they reach The Land of the Dead.
-Although she likes to believe that she is actually helping the people she kills, she sometimes gets sinking unsure feelings of guilt about it....but talks to her father for advice about the feelings and is usually better afterward.
-'Day of the Dead' is a tough holiday for her because sometimes she fears that some of the dead are gonna come back and be mad at her and say that things weren't better and that she lied.....that she didn't help them...and is just a murderer...a monster.
(But it's yet to happen yet so pfft :iconimsotiredplz: )
-Loves constant attention and affection from her father, but he's not always willing to give it to her, so then she turns to friends and even strangers for it. 
-Sometimes when he's out of it (mostly sleep deprived) he mistakes Nohemi for her mother and lashes out at her for leaving Nohemi and him...ALTHOUGH IT'S NOHEMI HE'S HITTING NOT HER buthedoesn'tknowwhenhe'sdoingit. :iconimsotiredcryplz: He feels bad about it when he does realize he's hit her, but he doesn't really show it much to Nohemi (but she knows he does ; 3 ; ) and just tells her to cover up any parts of her that's bruised because people will wanna take her away if they think she's being abused and neither of them want that. U 3 U
-Bruises easily ughssu..
-Her favorite holiday is Halloween...because at least on Halloween...everyone is monster..*sob* :iconpapcryplz:
-Likes to please and make her daddy happy~ sothathe'llgiveherlovin's :iconpapcryplz:
-Enjoys being around and in water
-Has about 7 strays she feeds daily. She would take them home and keep them as pets, but her dad doesn't allow pets....except for his.
-Admin note: When you add her first name meaning and middle name meaning together, it means "delightful harvester"~ and I thought that was cool because she 'harvests' souls in such a 'delightful' manner and mindset and was just like 'oooOOOOooooOOOO' ' 7 '. 

And I think that's about it becausemyfingersarelikeyepthat'saboutitpfft :iconlazypoolplz:
AndohgoshwhatisahappycharacterLOL?!? :iconimsotiredcryplz:   ))
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animegirl111 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Im just gonna kidnapp her and draw her cuz shes sooooooooooooo cute
(( ;lasdkfl;skdf
Oh gosh! Thank you I'm glad you think she's cute hggggnsns :heart: :iconleeblushplz:
And akdljakld ogh gee reallY?! :iconblushuplz: ))
animegirl111 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2013
I drew her....deciding if i wanna color it or leave it as is...

P.s-im gonna steal her outfit >:3
MaryLittleRose Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have no words
I read it all
she's so young
poor bby

he lp me

thank you very much for participating :heart:

//sobs in the corner// :iconlazycryplz:
(( O h 
please don't go to the corner
anything but the's always sad over there :iconlazypoolplz:
He r e
Let me help you :iconsnugglyplz:
*picks you up and gets you out of the corner and dries yo' eyes with tissue* 

And hggns thank you for letting us make bbys from your sugoi species hgsnns :heart: 
Itwasfun :iconpapcryplz:))

omgoshshe'ssocute and I lover her poncho thing, just the design is really cool ;v; )) 
(( You lover her poncho thing?
You and the poncho thing are lovers???

Pfft, but oh gosh jk, I know what you meant pfft ; v ;
But hgnnnss thank you~ I like the way the 'Day of the Dead' skulls (IknowtheyhaveInamebutI'mhavingliketheBIGGESTbrianfartrightnowonwhatthey'recalledlol) so I tried to make it look like one of those pfft ; v ; ))


pffft >v< you're welcome uwu :heart: 

yee I get what you mean, I like em to lol, and they are fab )) 
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