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October 18, 2013
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Swan Peep Contest Entries: Ebony and Ivory lulz by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Swan Peep Contest Entries: Ebony and Ivory lulz by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
(( Entries for :iconasktheswanprincess:'s contest ; v ;


Oh! But whoever gets the pun behind their (last) names gets a cookie pfft~ because the pun was what created them pfft e v e :iconbigcookieplz: :heart:
But like these two aren't a couple or anything, (oneofthemwantstobethoughpfft) they'rejustposedlikeitlol they just live together and stuff. Like the most they do is kiss each other, and not like hot makeouts, but like "pecks" on the lips from time to time pfft

ButohgoshifyoureadALLofthisIwilltrulybeimpressedbecauseheckevenIgottiredoftypingonthisone(andifyoudo,you'llseewherelolXD)becausehgngnnnItriedtodotwoatonetimeandboywasthataMISTAKEcuzhggnnnnnnoneislongenoughtotypewithoutx2'nitpfft :iconlazycryrollplz:
AndIknowit'slike"Whynottakeabreakandfinishitlater?" andtheansweris
"BecauseifIstop...Iwon'tfinish...soIalwayshavetokeepgoingonceIstartsomething...." :iconwtfaruplz:

P.s.IlulzatDuckie'shairlikeeverytimeIdrawit,andlikeespeciallyinthisonecuzitlookslikeit'skissingJeanandnowI'mlike"Ishouldhaveputahearttherepfft":iconimsotiredcryplz: ))

Name: Desiree Ivory (aka. Duckie )
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Tubaeter Swan (but not really cuz those aren't a real thing lol, she's actually a Trumpeter Swan, but for why she calls herself a tubaeter will be explained later pfft - v -; )
Job: Abstract Painter
Hobbies: Design and tailoring clothes, styling and decorating her hair, playing tuba, dancing, swimming, and collecting different bottles for her bottle collection
Sexual Orientation: Really doesn't focus much on really know pfft.
-Duckie was born into a middle class family that consisted of: her mother, father, uncle, 2 aunts, and her grandfather.
-They were a family of the ARTS!, and everyone had some sort of artistic interest that they focused on and perfected. Her mother was into the art of music, and was a player of the trumpet and piano. Her father was a painter, but he never had as much time to work on his paintings as he wanted because he had to help his father and brother in the shop, so that he could make money for his family. Although he was okay with that because family was important to him and he would much rather sacrifice his art time for work time because gotta take care of that family yo pfft.
-(The shop they owned was a piano shop, where they would make and sell pianos. It's a family business that has been going on for 10 generations now. This is actually how Duckie's mom and dad met because her mother was going there to shop to find a new piano~ but she found her a new man instead pfft :iconimsopervyplz: Admin note: Their last name is Ivory...and they make pianos...that consist of ivory...coincidence...??? SeewhatIdidthereoooo.:iconheplz: )
-When he wasn't working at the shop, he was working with Duckie to find her place among the art world, becausenochildofhiswasgonnabe"unartistic". Her mother thought her figure was perfect for dancing and enrolled her in ballet classes in a dance studio, which she actually was okay in. She was no where near the best ballet dancer....but she was good at's just that...Duckie felt like this wasn't for she eventually got her mother to stop sending her to classes. Althoughthatwasonlyreallyjustoneofthereasons
-She was home schooled and around adults all the time, so she grew up with a somewhat more mature mindset than most kids her age. This caused...some trouble for her because whenever she interacted with other children she would usually end up in a debate with them the majority of the time...because she crushed childish innocence with adult logic pfft. Like whenever the girls in her dance class would talk about things that children believe in at the time of adolescence, like the tooth fairy for example pfft, she would tell them that there are no such things....and when they would tell her she was wrong...then she would tell them "No, you're just ignorant....". (It was a phrase she picked up from her grandfather, who used to tell that same thing to her when she "used" to believe in fairy tales from her storybooks and such...until her grandfather crushed her she wasn't really trying to be a jerk to the other children, she was just trying to "educate" them on how their beliefs are wrong and that everything they know is a lie pfft :iconimsotiredplz:. However, one of the girls in dance class told her one day that she was the one that was wrong and her mom said don't listen to her cuz she's just "STRANGE", which caused the other girls to start saying that too, which caused Duckie to be like "Manforgetya'llignorantfools...I'mdonewiththis...*olliesout* :iconlazycryplz: andthisisliketheotherreasonshewaslikemanforgetdancepfft )
-After dropping out of dance, she started to kind of dwell on what the other girls had said....and started to wonder if she really was she confronted her mother for advice *coughalthoughsheshouldhaveconfrontedhergranddadaboutitsincehewastheonewhogothercalledthatanywaycough* and asked her if she thought she was strange....and she told her
"Ché are a lot of things...but you are not strange.
You are "unique".
And when people can't understand uniqueness...
They call it "strange"
Because they are blinded by ignorance...and ignorance is just stubborn and you should never pay it any mind..."
-"Unique". That word echoed through her mind and she was like..."I'm gonna be that pfft :iconheplz:", so it came somewhat of a goal for her to become as unique as she possibly could forreasonscough*, you know, be a bird that stops flying with the flock and flies away from it instead pfft.
-Speaking of uniqueness, one of Duckie's most unique and noticeable feature is that her hair....actually resembles.....a swan...Note she wasn't born with her hair looking like that pfft, it was just part of her "uniqueness" that she molded for herself. She came up with this hairstyle on accident while playing with her hair one day (she was ten pff) and made a mistake while fixing it.....and although at first she thought she had messed her hair up...the look grew on her and she has worn it that way ever since.
-It was actually her hair that got her the nickname "Duckie", which is what goes by, unless you are younger than her, then you call her "Miss Duckie" U v U.
-By the age of 15, Duckie had dabbled a little into this and a little into that from experimenting different arts from each of her family members. She learned how to sew from her aunts and had started to make small things like decorative pillows, her mother got her tuba classes (because she decided that's an instrument she wanted to play and asked for classes to learn how) so there was that pfft, her grandfather and uncle tried to teach her carpentary...(butshewasfuckdatshitlol) but she never grew an interest in it pfft.....However, her favorite thing she learned was taught to her by her favorite person~ her father~ who showed her the joys of painting~
-She had been painting since she was a kid, but she was never as serious with it as she was now that she was older. It became more then just adding colors to a was more like "coloring opinions/views. She mostly paints abstract (andthereisusuallyameaningbehindeachofthem), although sometimes she'll paint realism, but rarely pfft.
-At 20 she decided that she wanted to make a living as a painter, like her what he dreamed to be. Her father, whose art dreams had been crushed before, warned his daughter of a similar fate before she went off trying to pursue a career in painting....he just didn't want his bebe to be crushed....however...he wasn't aware that he would be the one to crush her...
-Duckie's artistic talent had actually caught the eye of an upper-class swan, who absolutely adored her work and commissioned several paintings from her. When the upper class swan was asked by visiting friends who created the works, she referred them all to Duckie, who then gained more clients. (This is kind of the way she started out, by being a hearsay artist pfft ; v ; )
-As Duckie started to get noticed more and more, she was eager to tell and show her family of her rising success~ and everyone was happy for her~ or so it seemed...
-Her father had said how proud of her he was and how happy he was that she was accomplishing so much of her dream~ especially since he was never able to accomplish his, until one night...after drinking a "little" too much he went a little too far...and not only told her..but "showed" her how he really felt about all this....
-He told her that he didn't understand why people liked it so much, that it was just a whole bunch of random nonsense thrown onto the canvas and that it wasn't real art. NOW HE! HE MADE REAL ART! None of that abstract garbage....but yet....his art was never noticed.....never bought....BUT HER GARBAGE WAS?! And it just was nonsense.....and if his words weren't hurtful enough he had to show her just how much hatred he felt for her art by setting the painting she had been working on...on fire. She tried to put it out....tried to save it....even though she knew it was no use in trying to...but she was just so bewildered by the fact that her beloved father would do...SOMETHING LIKE THAT. She thought he of all people would be proud of her...but yet there he was...shouting drunken,downgrading, slurred words about both her and her he poured the reminder of his wine on top of her head as she sat there crying over her burnt painting and fingertips....and broken heart /shot/
-After that fiasco she was like, hahahahaletmegetupoutofhere, and left home. She had been planning to move out soon anyway...and when I mean soon, I mean like she had already had a house she had bought and was setting up (slowy) to move into, but after that she was like hahahahahaletmegoaheadandjustmoveinnow.
-After living with such a big family for such a long time, it was hard for her to get used to....being alone....especially in a new house.....but~ she would not be alone for long (which the rest of it will be explained in Jean's bio e v e )

Small facts
-Although she is a trumpeter swan, if asked what kind of swan she is, she will say she is tubaeter swan, which is just her own personal pun because she plays tuba pfft. - v -;
-When she laughs she makes like this little honk-snort sound, and it's really weird pfft
-Makes her own clothes, but occasionally will buy clothes from shops...when she needs something new to wear and is too lazy to deal with making something new pfft - v -;
-Is somewhat vain of her species because she believes swans are the most beautiful birds, not that other birds are ugly or anything, she just believes they can' t match the beauty of a swan.
-She rarely paints with her hands, and usually does it with her toes. She likes to incorporate her skills of dance in with her love of art~ so she usually dances while painting (and she has to put covers on the floor because when you dance...and you got paint on your's just really hard not to make a mess on the floor when your feet hit the ground pfft ). She'll sometimes invent her commissioner to come and watch her dance while she's doing there picture, butshechargesextrapfft.
-When she does paint with her hands, she paints like Rafiki lolol :iconmingplz: (ifyouhavetogooglewhorafikiisyoushouldbeashamedugheAe )
-Is usually upbeat and energetic~ and a bit eccentric
-Can be a smartass sometimes, but she doesn't mean to be...peoplejusttakethingsthewrongwayhmmU 3 U
-It's a mystery if her swan hair is a wig, a head piece, or her actually hair pfft
-The men in her family are kind of heavy alcoholics (when they got the chance to drink), so there was a lot of empty wine bottles and such around the house. Duckie started collecting them as a child and turned them into "her collection". She kept 'em hidden from her parents because they used to scold her when she first started her collection because they didn't want her fooling around with wine bottles....but liked the look of them and wanted to keep them. Later on when she got a little older, she started writing journals when she got a new bottle and would stuff it in the bottle when she got done. Her plan with them is that when she gets old, she wants to read over each and every one....even the hard ones....(they are kind of like lil' "letter in the bottles" time capsules pft ; v ; )
-Although she likes bottles, she don't enjoy "popping bottles" lol :iconmingplz:
-Despite her infancy, the incident with her father, is the only time she has really cried...
-She can't stand ignorant people.

(One more to go haha....:iconimsotiredcryplz: )

Name: Jean Ebony
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Species: Half Black Swan/ Half Mute Swan
Job: (Upcoming) Actor
Hobbies: Poetry, drinking, practicing lines, dancing, drinking, and reading
Sexual Orientation: Straight
-Jean's mother was a famous actress who came from a quite a wealthy little family~ and she was her family's pride and joy~
-She was a beautiful young lady who enjoyed what she did~ and you could just tell by the way she delivered her performances on stage~
-However, she did had one flaw (according to her family..)....she was not wed...and she had no heir to their family.....
-Her mother would always pester her to find a suitable cob to marry and bare children with, but she she always would respond with "I'm looking mother...I'm looking...I just haven't found him yet..." however~soonshewouldohoho~ e v e
-During one of her performances she was "warned" that this new play featured a villain character.....that had to played by...."a black swan". This made her nervous because her family still had some...."racism"against black swans and had always told stories of how different and vile they can be....and now here she was having to work with one....Oh Glob what had she done to deserve such a fate....However when she got to meet him.....he wasn't vile....he was pleasant...and pleasant-looking~ *whistlepfft*
-Throughout the practices of the play, the two got closer~ and closer~ and closerrrrrrrrr~ until one night~ they got "REALLY CLOSE" :iconimsopervyplz:
-After that night and a couple of months later, she felt like she had finally found "the one"~ and apparently so did he because he popped the question, which she gladly said yes to
-Now all was left was for him to ask for her family's blessings~ although......when her parents got to see who it was she was marrying.....haahhahaa they got some blessings alright, but it wasn't the kind they were hoping for....
-Her parents were outraged that she even considered, no, that she even had one second of thought to marry t-t-t-t-this cr-oopsgottabepolite COB! Her mother was especially outraged and even said out-loud "I TOLD YOU FIND SOMEONE SUITABLE! *scoff* NOT TO FIND A PILE OF "SOOT"!" They raged angry words here and there as their daughter cried saying that she loved him though and with her fiance hissing at them to stop upsetting her so because "she was pregnant!" And as soon as he said that the room fell her parents stared at her in horror.....for not only did she attempt to marry him....she was tainted by him.....and carried a tainted child....
-Jean's father desperately tried to attempt to get her parents to let them wed, but all his efforts were useless....and he usually suffered for them...
-His mother was having it just as hard....for her mother keep pressuring her to get rid of the baby...and tried a few times to get rid of it herself...but Jean's mother refused and resisted every time...because it was her baby and she refused to let anyone hurt it..
-Her mother eventually gave up trying to, but continued to try to make her feel guilty for what she had saying things like "Did you even think about this child? What kind of life is it going to have if it comes out looking like "HIM"? Not a very good one if you ask me....and I assure you...even "it" would be thankful if you had just ended it's life now...and save it from the hell it's gonna be born into..."
-When it got close to the time for her to deliver any day now, she tried to escape from the house to find her love because she wanted him to be there to see their baby when it was born...and they could all be there togehter.....but she was stopped by her father who dragged her back to her room kicking and screaming. She told him she just wanted him here because he was her baby's father and she just wanted him here...and plus she hadn't seen him in so long...(because sometimes he was able to sneak in and talk to her with help from the staff, but he hadn't been in a LONG while, so she was worried about him....)...her dad told her no. She cried "Father please!". He said no. She said "PLEASE!". He shook her and shouted in her face "HE'S DEAD! LIKE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN BEFORE, SO YOU TWO COULDN'T HAVE MADE THAT DAMN SOOT FEATHERED BABY! THAT SHOULD BE DEAD TOO!" And with that sent her into a panic....which sent her into early labor....Her father didn't even try to help her get to a room...get help...nothing...just looked at her with a disgusted look on his face like "Damn.." (btw,herdadisthereasonwhyhewaskilledcoughcough)
-Luckily for her (and Jean) one of the staff had heard yelling and came to see what was going on, just to see Jean's mother in a crying, shaking mess. The maid asked what was wrong as she went over to tend to her and the father just answered "She's having that damn baby..." and walked away, as like the maid frantically tried to rush her into a room so she could deliver.
-And deliver she did~ a little boy~ with skin a pale gray~ and gray feathers.
-And along with his little newborn could hear soft mournful cries of his mother too... it's a mystery if whether she was crying over the news of her baby's father...or the thoughts of what was gonna happen to him once she saw him...and whose genes he got the most.....
-Although her parents had been so against her and this baby.....they still were her parents...and they loved her they both decided that would try to "love" this baby too.....well...."like"...they would try to "like" this baby....because love was a LONG stretch for them because his color made it difficult to...His mother however, ADORED his coloring~ and even much more so his eyes~ because they looked just like his father's~
-When his mother returned back to the acting business and he got older, she would take him to the set with her and let him watch the plays she were practicing and apart of~ and he LOVED it~ He just found it amazing how his mom could be herself one minute and somebody completely different the next~ and it seemed so cool to be up on stage with everybody watching and enjoying your performance~ and he just wished that someday he could do it too~ andthatsomedaycamesoonerthanhethought
-One of the little girls that was supposed to be a part of the play got sick and was able to continue working in the they had to find a replacement for her...andasajoke the other performers thought it would be a good idea to let Jean play the part because he was so feminine looking and sounding that no one would even expect him to be a boy and since he had been watching he should know most of the part by now anyway. His mother wasn't really fond of the idea...because she didn't really want him playing a girl....but Jean was like omg YES! I'mgonnarockdispfft
-And rock it he did~ in fact he rocked it so well, he was given another female role in another play (which kick started his young acting career )
-His mother grew to accept him playing female roles, but in all honesty she kind of wished that he had more male ones...
-His grandmother didn't know about him playing any roles in general, but when she found out he was...and they were female roles at that....SHE WAS FURIOUS! She didn't confront his mother about it, but she did confront him and pretty much told him that it was bad enough that he was disgracing the family enough with his color, but now he was cross-dressing too? Oh how low can you go *sob*?
-I won't go into the whole thing, but she kind of crushed his acting spirits and well just his spirit in general and it made him stop acting for a very long time (cuz he was only 10 when she said all that)......until a young lady popped into his life that encouraged him to get back into the acting biz.
-His grandmother had sent him to pick up a painting she had commissioned from an artist, and that artist happened to be Duckie.
-(My hands are starting to cramp a little so I'm gonna like sum this up really fast and simple and quick like pfft - v -;
He meets Duckie when coming to pick up the picture.
She's interested in him and chats with him and asks him to come back some time.
He comes back and they talk more and start to form a little friendship.
One day Jean comes in upset and says he can't take that house anymore and Duckie who is living in an empty nest invites him to come and live with her.
He agrees, he moves in,now they're living together, Duckie tells him that his grandparents are just ignorant and he should just like screw whatever they say and not care...and just go live his life and do the shit he wants to do....
So now he's started acting again because he decided he's gonna do the shit he wants to do. The End pfft. :iconlazypoolplz: )

Small facts:
-He plays more female roles instead of male ones because he feels more confident in playing a female. He used to be ashamed because of what his grandma said, but Duckie told him it's an actor's job to be somebody they're not and if he's able to play a male OR a female role, then well that just shows how good of an actor he is~ sohe'snotsoashamedanymore
-He only cross-dresses when acting, other than that he wears male clothing.
-His voice is feminine and masculine at the same time, like a deep sounding woman pfft (idk I can't think of someone for an example pfft :iconimsotiredplz: )
-HasawineproblemandbywineproblemImeanhedrinkstoomuchofitpfft :iconheplz:
-Uses wine to help "get him in character" for some of his roles pfft
-Goes to read at poetry bars from time to time to read his poetry
-His feelings don't really get hurt as easily as when he was little, but if it's an insult from his family then it highly upsets him and makes him cry.
-His mom comes to visit him sometimes andtheyarethebestdayseverforhimpfft U v U
-I think it's pretty obvious, but he got most of father's genes pfft
-He can't really fight well if someone's a LOT bigger than him, but if they're about his size then he can probably take 'em pfft.
-Duckie makes his clothes for him.
-Has a small crush on Duckie, but shhhh don't tell her pfft e//3//e
-And she was his first kiss hgngnnnn :iconpapcryplz:

And that's all cuz my hands are like "Go get us some ice!" :iconlazycryrollplz: ))
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