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Yoloha Cubes! by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd Yoloha Cubes! by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd
Pinaco: It's like, such an honor and such to you alllllllll and stuff ha ha.... - 7 -

(( It's been raining about all this week where I I've been carrying an umbrella with I was like "I'm gonna make a gloomy umbrella princess because it's been so gloomy lately lol :iconimsotiredplz:"

But...although it has been gloomy...I haven't been gloomy lol XD
And my umbrella is SUPER pink with flowers on it, so I changed my mind on my first idea because I quickly found it so BLEH anyway lol :iconimsotiredplz:

Sooooo~ this lil' umbrella lady got made instead lol~ > v >

Name: Pinaco Loda the Tropi"can" Princess
Age: 18
Gender: Female(?)
Info about her:
-Pinaco is the Princess of the Tropicans. Tropicans are little soda and juice can people. Well they are born in cans, but they live in glasses (like the lil' guy beside her) later on. There are also fruit smoothie and slushy Tropicans too. Tropicans that have caffine are more hyper than the ones that are juice, but most Tropicans are usually laid-back and hippy-like lol. - v -
-Pinaco is really laid-back and hippy-like lol~
-Her speech tends to laggggg a little sometimes....and sometimes it's really hard to know what she's talking about because she uses weird, made up words....and she tends to talk all off subject at times too lol U v U;
-Her ice keeps her cool and down to earth... but when she runs out of ice, she does a complete 180. She turns from a sweet, derpy hippy to a quite a devious little lady~ but she keeps the derpy facade up~ so it's hard to tell when she does change> v >
-Ice is a key factor that determines which side of Pinaco you'll see~ And Slick is a key factor that (the lil' cup guy beside her) determines how much ice Pinaco gets for the day.
-Slick is Pinaco's butler and basically father figure. Pinaco's real father is more dopey than she he's just pretty useless when it comes to plans and defense for the kingdom...he's pretty much a deadbeat king...and Slick thinks that he would more suited as king, since he does all the work anyway....which includes raising Pinaco.
-Pinaco's alter ego agrees with him that he would be a much better king and says that she'll help him get his rightful place...but she's really just playing him to get what she really wants~ but she needs a partner to reach her goal~ so she's playing along~ for now~
-Or~ does she even have an alter ego at all~? > v >
-She has a special juice called "In a Minute"~ which she's serves to people who come to her Kingdom to "discuss or negotiate" about her land *coughoryouknow,tryandtakeitlol>v>cough*. She only serves it to guest like that~Oh~and the reason she calls it that~
Is because when you drink it~ You may be "here" now, but you won't be "in a minute" heehee~ :iconimdedplz:

P.s. Oh! And she's pineapple flavor~ :iconhappyderpplz:))
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AskTheMonkeyKing Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
And this one I feel would get along with my surfer pineapple oc lol and maybe sky cause she is female lol))
AnAdminNamedPaul Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
((:iconlegaspplz: SHE HAS ULTERIOR MOTIVES!!!))
nouge Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
I know someone will love her [link] ))

BB falls in love at first sight a fruit and alcohol to boot?! She wanted a piece of that: Hey, cutie~
(( Pfft omg noooooo~ she has no alcohol lol. She's just a WHOLE bunch of pineapple juice lol XD
Although she does act tipsy like she's an alcoholic beverage lol > v > ))

Pinaco: *tips her umbrella hat to her* Sup to youuuu~! - v -
nouge Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
BB leant her hand against the wall cornering Pinaco as she held her chin with a sly smile across her face: Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?
nouge Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
((Well BB doesn't know that yet))

BB leant her hand against the wall cornering Pinaco as she held her chin with a sly smile across her face: Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?
That's a really cool idea ;v; I love that she can get an alternate personality just by how much ice she has, such a twist. Andslickisadorble ))
(( alkdsfj Thanks! ; v ;
It's kind of inspired from how you can have a drink that's really good with ice...but it gets real nasty after the ice melts out of it she gets a nasty attitude when her ice melts~ like drink gets nasty when its ice melts~ ; v ;
AndD'awwsthanks;v; ))
welcome ; u ;
And I think that's really neat you got inspired by that
it makes sense >u<
:iconrubcheeksplz: ))
Ask-Para Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
((Your ocs never cease to amaze me ;u; deys all awesome and cool and junk lol ;w; ))
But they're not really all that..they're just kind of random lol..but again thank you so much! Cuz it really means a lot to me when someone says that they like them! :heart: ; v ; ))
Ask-Para Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013
((;w; It's no prob~
And I really do like them alot they're different and cool : D))
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