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December 8, 2012


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(( Aslkldf I've had so much fun doing all these other citizen contests and stuff that I decided that I wanted to do one of my own~
SOOOOOOOO I'm holding a MP (Music Player) Citizen Contest lol~ ; v ; :heart:

I also forgot to mention that you can enter up to two entries~ :heart: ; v ;
And for those who had already made a MP, you may enter it as your entry as well if you would like. U v U )

I've pretty much drew out most of their basic information, that can be found in this folder here:

But there are a couple of things that I haven't drawn that I will talk about in this journal.

:icondotplz: Colors :icondotplz:
   -A MP's skin and hair color can come in just about every color. However, more MPs do have brighter hair and skin color (like neon blue and hot pink) than they do dark colors (like black and navy blue).

:icondotplz: Jobs :icondotplz:
   -Not EVERY MP is a "DJ". They do have DJs that work at different clubs and stuff, but not EVERYONE OF THEM IS A DJ.
Some of the jobs that they have are:
-DJ (lol)
-Cosmetologist- MPs LOVE getting their hair done, so this is a popular field of business for most of them.
-Fashion Designer- They LOVE fashion too because, you gotta look good when you go out to party all night uh-huh uh-huh~
-Police- They like loud music, so police don't have to get them for disturbing the peace or anything...they're mostly there to break up fights and such in the streets and in the clubs.
-Soldier- Instead of having knights, they have soldiers (becauseknightsoundstooldfashiontothemlol)
-Bartender- MPs can't drink water, so they DEF can't drink alcohol lol, but they have this special oil that they can drink that equals up to 10 energy drinks and helps them stay awake for about a week called "Party-On" and the only place they can get them is at the bar.   From the Bartender~ - v -
-Jute Breeder- Jutes (these buggers lol ask-musicprincess3rd.deviantar… ) are popular pets in the kingdom that most MPs get...but can't really handle later on..depending on the temperament of their Jute...because Jutes can get out of hand..most of the MPs that breed them are more on the "muscular" side because they can handle them much easier. ; v ;
-Club Owners- MPs that own clubs are usually there ALL the time because there usually is a party going on there, whether it be night or morning, so club  owners are usually the energetic type that are able to keep the party going! No matter how tired they really are lol.
-Scientist- Not all Mps are about fun and games. Some MPs experiment on new ways to improve their race and come up with new weaponry and stuff and cures for various viruses and bugs.
-Nurses- Nurses are nurses lol. They birth and activate babies, give virus check-ups, repair broken parts, and etc. nurse stuff.
-Dance Instructor- Teaches dance. Usually just to kids though because that's when most MPs learn dance because dance is a MAJOR part of their kingdom.
-Musician- This is pretty self-explain lol > v >
-Hustler- They have like professional hustlers. No kidding.
-Wrestler- Lots of MPs, especially the males, like to wrestle and fight, so some make a profession out of it and become a wrestler
-Singer- They sing around local clubs or out of town and such
-Baby-Sitters- Partying is in their program! So some new parents find it hard to abandon all that and stay at home to take care of their they hire a baby-sitter instead. Baby-Sitters are ALWAYS in a job here, though many MPs don't wanna be one lol. - v -
-Drag Racer- Some of them make a pretty penny doing this lol - v -

:icondotplz: Stronger than the avearage man :icondotplz:
        -When the MPs where simply just a prototype (this is before the Mushroom War), their creator noticed that one of the biggest problems with media players that if you drop them that they usually break, so her and her team came up with a way to make them sturdier than past media players before them. They made a metal that was light enough to hold, but strong enough that it could withstand a good hit or fall. Thanks to their past creator, their skeletons are strong and study thanks to that metal she created. Because of that, non-metal people and objects really don't hurt them when they punch them or anything, but they still can be picked up by fleshies and all that. ; v ;

:icondotplz: Fleshies and Techies  :icondotplz:
    They call people either a fleshie or a techie
-Fleshie- Anything that isn't robotic they consider to be a "fleshie".
-Techie- Anything that is robotic

:icondotplz: Headphone Emotes :icondotplz:
     -There's a shop where they can go and download different emotes and designs for their headphones and when their mood changes then the emote they have set for that mood will pop up automatically. - v -

:icondotplz: Culture :icondotplz:
     -MPs are just one big mixing pot really. They have a lot of different cultrues, just like they have a lot of different genres of music. ; v ;

:icondotplz: Districts :icondotplz:
   -Not every MP has the same type of music, so in order to avoid conflicts on "I don't wanna hear that crap" and "Well I don't wanna hear your crap either!" the kingdom is split into different districts.
Each district represents a different genre and there is a district for each genre.
So if your MP was into Dubstep, then he/she would live in the "Dubstep District" and would be considered a "Dubbie".

Anddddd I think that's about all for the basics and stuff~ But if you have a question~ Don't be afraid to ask~ ; v ;

-Don't base if off a Vocaloid. I don't want any Miku Hatsunes. > - >
-I would like to see a bio for your character because I believe that bios are like the BEST part of a character because that's how you get to know and love them~ :heart: ; v ;
-Omgee this is gonna be the shortest rule list ever because that's all I can think of omg lol...; v ; YEAH! Please state what Genre District your MP lives in and all you have to do for that is type " *Name of genre* District" and that's all. ; 7 ;

And prizes are~ *andtheymaychange>v>*

1st- 200 points, A picture of an OC of your choice colored (but no background lol) in AT style and a chibi style, Your MP featured in a question, and a lil' pixel animation thingie ( like this Everyone's Favorite Baby Onion Monster by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd or this :Subliminal Madness by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd) or a moving icon (like this Cui Icon by Ask-MusicPrincess3rd) (you just take your pick on which one you want ; v ; )

2nd- 100 points, A sketch of an OC of your choice, and a moving icon.

3rd- A sketch of an OC of your choice and a moving icon.

Deadline: December 28 (but the date can be changed if anyone needs more time or something ; v ; )

And that's all! Happy creating to anyone who wants to participate!  :iconyayamericaplz:

Oh! And I will place all entries here~ :heart: ; v ; :


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